UTV DVD “will not satisfy the request for particulars”…

Sam McBride has had some interesting reports to file on the Declan Gormley hearing. This from yesterday’s proceedings is more bizarre than the last one. What’s at play here is that Gormley’s lawyers are trying to get Sinn Fein’s lawyer’s to specify what evidence they have that Gormley ‘attacked’ their two MLAs… Well worth reading the whole thing..

As Mr Justice Gillen told Mr McCann to be more specific about the alleged attacks by Mr Gormley to which he was referring.

Mr McCann said that the transcript of the UTV programme was 50 or 60 pages long and it was impractical for him to go through all of it.

He told the judge: “Is your lordship seriously suggesting I should set out the entire transcript of the programme?”

The defence lawyer offered to supply Mr Gormley’s lawyers with a DVD recording of the UTV programme but Mr Justice Gillen said that “will not satisfy the request for particulars” as the request from Mr Gormley’s legal team made clear that the response had to be in writing.

Mr McCann said: “I misunderstood that. But I don’t think it’s really a hanging matter, my lord.”

So far as we understand it the court is still set for Monday…