Great Big Politics Pub Quiz, the result: a lot of cash raised for Red Cross/Red Crescent in Syria

In a tightly fought race, it was neck and for three or four rounds before Flags of a Foreign Nation [Ed – designated as (Ulster?) Unionists] powered ahead and never gave up their lead.

Behind the winning score of 66, in second place Omnicampbells [Ed – designated as Journalistic] reached 61 with Quantitative Sleazing [Ed – Designated as friends of the SDLP] on 60 and Stair Gate on 59.

Honorary mentions to It’s all about Will’s … who won the team name spot prize for the ever-changing name that took in Will Chambre’s bottom line, ego and moustache over the course of the seven rounds.

The entry money together with the raffle – approaching £1000 – is all going to support the emergency work of the Red Cross/Red Crescent in Syria.

So that’s the Great Big Politics Pub Quiz over for another year. Our thanks to the MLAs who braved the Black Box crowd to ask the questions, the question setters, the markers, the Stratagettes who sold raffle tickets and their bosses who sponsored the prizes, the staff at The Black Box, the stand up comic who spared us his jokes by not turning up, Paddy Corrigan for pulling it all together and of course to the hundred or so quizzers who spent their Tuesday evening scratching their heads to remember

  • Who has just won re-election as President of Venezuela?
  • What happened to Stormont on 30 March 1972?
  • Which verbose character in Yes Prime Minster was the Cabinet Secretary?
  • Where is the world’s longest running civil war?
  • What is the maximum number of Seanad members permitted to serve in the Irish Cabinet?

And it’s not too late to play along at home: you can try your hand at the picture round …

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  • Many thanks to all involved, including quiz-masters Mike Nesbitt, Peter Weir, Jim Wells, Conall McDevitt and Steven Agnew.

    And a last word of thanks to Alan in Belfast for, once again, pulling together all the technical aspects of the evening, including a name-that-MLA video round.

  • UPDATE: Word just in from the Red Cross – final total for the evening was a splendid £1156.18 – now winging its way to help the humanitarian effort in Syria.

  • Drumlins Rock

    Great evening, good amount raised, and very worthy winners if I say so myself 🙂

    Actually we had one team member who is a walking wikipedia, thanks G, I was impressed by your knowing the date of the last G election not on a thursday!

    Although the party leader did join us for a while the designation was not offical but is accurate.

  • Will Chambre

    Ditto. Great evening. A big thank you to Patrick, Alan, Slugger, Stratagem and the rest of the team involved in the fundraiser. Great to see that a respectable amount was raised to support the Red Cross’ efforts in Syria.

  • Worth name-checking Mark and Gerry who set a lot of the questions, encouraging teams with some straightforward ones, exasperating them with the wild tricky ones!

  • Drumlins Rock

    Did Mark think of the “shortest serving Ceann Comhairle” one? Didn’t see him there, was hoping to catch up. Lots of great questions to start discussions at the table, well done guys. And great score keeping Alan.

  • DR, didn’t make it but set some questions. Have lost your email so pop me a line and we can meet up. Best Mark.