Celtic’s Glaswegian European night to remember…

Well, I’m no fan of Celtic. Or the Old Firm for that matter. I was in Glasgow just over two weeks and it’s clear that the levels of resentment between supporters of the two clubs is as high (higher perhaps) than it has ever been.

But fair play to Neil Lennon and his players for an exceptional performance last night… It even pushed an old rock star to tears.

It would be good to think that success on the pitch might presage a greater magnanimity towards the blue side of the city. But I suspect most will continue in the vein of Somerset Maugham:

“For most of us it is not enough to have achieved personal success. One’s best friend must also have failed.”

So, a journey to be taken more in hope than expectation then. In the meantime the Lurgan man has delivered his fans a 125th birthday present par excellance

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