#SluggerUS: Join us tonight from 11pm (or just send us your best election curios)

As many of you will know, I’ve been working with the Hangout facility on Google Plus to bring you a series of panel discussions called #DigitalLunch. The next of those is this lunchtime in fact, but more of that shortly.

Tonight we’re going to use it differently, some might say for the very reason it’s called a hangout; that is to provide a place for political anoraks just to hangout, share gossip and some of the thousands of tidbits and curios from the campaign.

I’m hoping we’ll hear from Gerry early on, when we may prevail upon him to take us through his fantastically detailed Battleground states profiles (the best on either side of the Atlantic), though we’re likely to loose him very quick once the results start coming in and he retreats to his spreadsheets and tables.

The big fat US election hangout is not intended to replace the mainstream coverage. In fact, every hour on hour as the States release their cargo of stats and returns we’ll take a virtual ten minute out for people just to go and catch up their local channels in the US, or the big players over here.

Silicon Republic has a nice run down of where you can follow in the US election from Ireland or the UK

For my part, I’ll be skipping dinner this evening and making it coffee and Danish somewhere about 2-3am in the morning just to make sure I can make it to the last of the results.

Most of all we want to hear from you! If you want to jump in, follow these steps:

– Set up google account (if you alread have gmail, you don’t need to do this)

– Download this app: google.com/chat/video

Join the party at the event page and tell us you want to join in?

And it’s really just as simple as that.

We’ll have guests from both sides of the Atlantic. So you’re welcome if you’re Irish in America, an American in Ireland, or just the kind of hopeless political anorak who’s sitting at home on your own and desparate to talk out stuff with others who understand what you’re on about.

If you’re too shy, then ping us stuff on Twitter, or Slugger, or even Google Plus. Just use the hashtag #SluggerUS , just so we can pick it out of the rest of the Twitterised flotsam and jetsam…

Really looking forward to hearing from you; wherever you are!!

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  • And thanks to all at Sluggerdom, to Mick and Gerry who have put their heads on the blocks, and to all who have shared their thoughts, snorts and retorts over this recent while. Just because I don’t agree with you, or because your views are of the fundament, if not fundamental, doesn’t mean you fail to serve a function.

    Anyway, the B£OOdY H€LL!’ moment I’ve just experienced was a quick flip to 538, and Nate Silver suggesting his stats amount to a 91.6% probability of an Obama win. There’s a guy whose head really will be on the block overnight, and possibly on a pike by tomorrow.

    My particular roots will be for Tammy Duckworth in the Illinois 8th and Jim Graves, up against the unspeakable Michele Bachmann in the Minnesota 6th. If anyone wants a curio of the 2012 Elections, how about:

    Republican U.S. Rep. Michele Bachmann characterized herself as a bipartisan problem solver. [Source: Pioneer Press]

    That gem was from a debate with Graves, which also included this:

    Moderator Tom Hauser asked Bachmann about her accusations that a member of Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s staff had ties to the Muslim Brotherhood. Those accusations were denounced by both parties. The unsubstantiated allegations were initially drawn from a think tank study and Internet reports.
    But Bachmann did not back down Sunday.
    “Thank God we have members of Congress that are asking questions; that’s all we did,” she said.
    “But you went beyond asking questions — you made an accusation about the Muslim Brotherhood.”
    “No, we did not make an accusation. We asked questions,” Bachmann said.

  • My downballot races of interest are Libby Warren v Scott Brown (US Senate, Massachusetts), Tammy Baldwin v Tommy Thompson (US Senate, Wisconsin) and, of course, the marriage equality referenda in Washington, Maine, Minnesota and Maryland.

  • IJP
  • IJP


    I met Tammy Baldwin seven years ago – very impressive, am unsurprised she has risen to national prominence and I trust she will emerge victorious tonight.

    I met Paul Ryan on that trip too – he was also impressive, but I can’t wish him the same good fortune! 🙂

  • Mick Fealty

    You’re not a fiscal conservative then IJP? 😉

  • IJP


    I may or may not be, but I’m definitely a social liberal! 🙂

  • Mick Fealty

    Eilis O’Hanlon asked what she should vote for as a fiscal con/social lib. Here’s my off the cuff ‘vote doctor is in’ advice:

  • IJP


    Interesting – though I’m still with Obama (well, against Romney), since by US standards I am not a fiscal conservative!

    I also just cannot accept the Republican’s increasing move “towards the right”, which is not so much “towards the right” but really “towards the land of fiction”. So much of what the Republicans say (economically, socially and not least culturally) has no basis in evidence whatsoever. Therefore I just couldn’t vote for them. At all. Ever.

  • IJP

    Btw, I’ve updated the above link. I’m sure Gerry and co can improve upon it!

  • Election curio? There’s the small life-or-death decision facing voters in California, who get to vote on Proposition 34 to abolish capital punishment.

    The abolitionists have nudged ahead in the polls, although it looks pretty tight with many voters undecided. California may be on the cusp of becoming the 18th US state to dump the death penalty…

  • Framer

    Michigan may be the freak state that messes up the certainties.

  • Ruarai

    Mick – by what criteria is Paul Ryan a “fiscal conservative”?! (Other than his own rhetoric.)
    He supported the unfounded medicare expansions and unfunded wars ffs! He advocates the most radical experiment in upward redistribtion in modern history and has signed a pledge that there can be no revenue increases despite the current deficit! In fact, he wants more tax cuts for the top, cuts that will increase deficits.

    Fiscal conservative? Has language lost all meaning.

    (Yes, I’m getting excited. But all true! Right, I’m off to Local 16 if anyone is in DC, drop by.)

  • Kevsterino

    Ruarai, in the mythology of the Republican Party, Ronald Wilson Reagan was a freaking fiscal conservative and he blew the lid off the deficit with his “Voodoo Economics”. So it goes…

  • Ruarai

    It’s being dumped Paddy – but only because it’s proving too expensive. As are the ludicrous prison numbers in Cali for the same reason. But we’ll take what we can get

  • Ruarai

    If Ellis O Hanlon had to ask that then she should never be allowed to write about political issues again. Right, I’m off.

  • Ruarai

    Jesus – I just saw your Romney answer. Was that a wind up?

  • USA

    Short and tall of it, IMHO Romney has absolutely no chance of winning this election.

    Ruarai – Nice meeting you and Stephen a few weeks ago in Philadelphia.