How the Dutch have seen us

There are some great images of local interest in this Netherlands photographic archive. They give a fascinating glimpse of how the Dutch have seen us down through the years.

From the home of William III, we can see a September 1690 pamphlet account of his military campaign in Ireland, including the siege of Derry and the Battle of the Boyne, right through to a not-so-appreciative account of the men of Orange to be found in a newspaper cartoon at the height of the Drumcree dispute.

Also featured (I’ve selected a sample) is:

– a picture of workers crowding round the King V “on his tour through the shipyard of Messrs. Harland & Wolff, Ltd”;

– a media snap of George Best training on the eve of the NI-Netherlands match in 1965 (result was 0-0 by the way);

– ‘Freedom for the IRA fighters’ poster, from the mid-eighties when Gerry Kelly and Brendan McFarlane were fighting extradition (they lost);

– a Visit Northern Ireland advertisement from 2005;

– and plenty more besides: do your own search of the Memory of the Netherlands.