Unionist respect ?

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From today’s Irish News (h/t to @Short_Strand). Doesn’t really need much more comment. Sorry to rain on anyone’s parade, but you know what us Fenian bastards are like.

At least in the case of the bandsman urinating on the church gates, the Grand Secretary of the Orange Order was quick out of the blocks this morning to the BBC:

Mr Nelson said the incident was “outrageous and unacceptable”.

He apologised unreservedly to the priest and parishioners of St Matthews and said the Orange Order would look into what happened.

“We are always trying to review things and we will be looking at this seriously,” he told BBC NI’s Good Morning Ulster programme.

Good man, Drew, although no mention of playing The Sash outside the church. Now, Drew, if you can just drop the names and addresses of all those who breached the Parades Commission determination on the Last Saturday and, eh, last Saturday into the DPP and PSNI, then you can be on your way.