Parade of the Century

Its the morning after, it is raining steadily outside, it also seems to be “Raining on my Parade” from the usual suspects. But I don’t care there is still a smile on my face, my head is in the clouds and my feet are sore, the flutes are still singing and lambegs ring, the Parade of the Century lived up to expectations and more.

Got up shortly after 7am, although the alarm was set for half past, suited and booted I travelled with the members of the Bawn Silver Band, passing bus after bus on the M1 was the first indication of the scale of the occasion.  We arrived at Clifton Street Hall just in time, as the Grand Lodge members were getting ready to line up.  I have to say they did Tyrone proud, for a family band from the heart of the country, leading such a parade was a big ask, they excelled and I was very proud of them as they walked off into the assembled hordes of media on Clifton Street.

As I’m not a member of Grand Lodge I was unable to parade with them, falling in behind the next available band, The Pride of Ardoyne Flute Band, a little apprehensively at first but was welcomed by the brethren as we made our way past the the landrovers and media, our only spectators as we crossed the westlink.  The first protesters started at the end of the slip-roads and continued well past St Patricks, many with scarves pull over their faces and some with bits of black cloth on a stick.  They numbered well in excess of the 150 allowed and were freely allowed to come and go, but kept a dignified if surly silence while we passed.  The band played “Abide With Me”,  it is quite beautiful on the flutes and reminded me of the Olympics, I’m not a fan of bass drum thumping it detracts from genuine talents of the rest of the musicians, but I wasn’t particularly aware of it, you have to understand all marching bands sound completely different from the front, side or behind, from my position I could see nothing in the behaviour of any marchers that was anything but respectful.  When we reached Royal Avenue there were some cheers, but that was common throughout the day.

From we left Clifton Street till we crossed the Lagan we were parading through a dense urban commercial landscape quite different from Tyrone villages & towns, echos resounding of the high rise buildings, unexpected gusts of wind, and crowds cheering along, one of the funniest things was the number of kids with hands held out for “high 5s” from passing marchers.  The final stretch of the “feeder parade” was up Royal Avenue with City Hall and a gigantic Union Flag straight ahead, the crowds were so thick at this point the bands were barely getting room to pass through, the buzz in the air was electric, as I went in search of the rest of the Tyrone contingent.

On the way I got to chat to a few interesting people, Cllr. Colin McCusker had the UUC banner with him and told me about the Unionist dinner at the Titanic Centre the night before, somehow I ended up discussing resolving parade disputes with Winston Irvine, who I didn’t recognise till the end of the conversation, then the BBC in the form of Padraig Coyle came over and interviewed Colin, or more accurately they discussed their memories of being in Spain for the World Cup in 1982, I posed for a few tourists, German, Indian, English and a bus load of Italians, who all seemed to be really enjoying the show and were glad of an explanation what it was all about.   Met a friend watching who’s membership had lapsed, but for whom the parade had possibly convinced him to renew his ties, and some folk from Donegal  who knew my family from there.  It was the type of day where complete strangers felt relaxed enough to strike up an easy conversation.

The Main Parade started at 11:00am on the dot in front of City Hall, my district from Tyrone reached that point at around 2:30pm, with half an hour of the parade still behind us, there were very few stoppages and no gaps, with the members generally walking 4 deep. Two brave Pipe Bands paraded the entire route, four or five Silver bands, twenty or so Accordion bands, and a wide variety of flute bands, melody, part, traditional as well as Blood and Thunder.  The Orangewomen were supposed to join the parade on the Upper Newtwonards road, but I saw many of them also parading from city hall.

The Crowds thinned out after Customs House square, but built up again to fill the footpaths when we turned into the Lower Newtownards road, was told the Short Strand & St Matthews Church were the other side of a dense hedgerow at that point, but you couldn’t see much apart from the spire, the crowd were livelier along the whole stretch of that road, probably a bit too much for my tastes to be honest, although we were passing quite late in the day.  Was told Stormont was just round the next corner! which is true. For the next few miles I admired and despaired of what people had did to the lovely victorian house on the road, the crowds were quite sparse for that middle stretch but built up again as we approached Knock.

Turning into the front gates of Stormont is spine tingling any-day, but to see bands, banners, brethren and onlookers along its full length was breathtaking, the fact that the end was in sight might also have lifted a few weary heads!  I now realise that The Hill is a lot steeper than it appears, it was especially tough on the brethren in their 70’s & 80’s who did well walking so far.  The official proceedings had concluded by this stage and the Belfast Bands had already left by the side entrance, it had taken us just over two and a half hours to get there, being so close to the end we saw the last few bands, got a burger and made our way back to the bus.

I don’t think I heard a compliant all day, and credit is due to the organisers for coping with such mammoth logistics so ably, although some were saying it is a once in a lifetime event, other are possibly thinking, you know maybe the Centenary of the Establishment of Northern Ireland could be worth a wee parade too, till the next time then…..


  • DR,

    Great description of your day. But you didn’t say how your feet felt at the end 😉

  • qwerty12345

    DR A question, how many times have you marched this year?

    Don’t you ever get bored with your own culture?

  • Tremendous day. The three hour wait on Sandy Row was certainly worthwhile. Walked with the Apprentice Boys, and in a nice touch the City of Londonderry District No.5 and the Apprentice Boys walked together as the Maiden City, followed by the Londonderry County Grand. Great occasion. Historic event. Proud to have been a small part. Congratulations to everyone who made the day a day to remember.

  • Dont Drink Bleach

    That’s like saying ‘if you’ve seen one gaelic football you’ve seen them all’.

  • qwerty12345

    DBB, Well, uh, gaelic football does bore me to death, so imho you do have something of a point.

  • sonofstrongbow


    Interesting that you confirm that there were masked participants in the ‘residents” protest. I had heard this from another reliable source.

    Apparently they had been present from well before the parade’s arrival and had been ignored by police. Terrible to see the police colluding with this illegal behaviour. 🙂

    Anyhoo glad you had a good day out. As for 70/80 year olds walking from North Belfast to Stormont it just shows you the value of a country lifestyle.

  • lamhdearg2

    DR, I will assume from your timeline, you fell out from behind the POA, at the city hall, the POA would be the band I mostly watch out for yesterday was no exception,
    8am donegal road, to see what I believe was as good a historical parade I have ever seen, several thousand strong, and most if not all in period dress. I left that parade* and via a stop at city hall, made my way to donegall st/royal ave, passing some protesers, who seem happy enough, if in the wrong place (union st) at royal ave I picked up with the POA, greeted some folk I knew in the following lodge, and followed the parade to Stormont, meeting up with my better half and children on the way. stormont was fantastic, we picnicked, one little one had her face painted, and we watched the biggest band parade I have ever seen, (biggest in the world?) the country bands where great, and the lambegs (as I have said) where like rolling thunder, all in all a great day out.

    * this parade was not part of the O.O. parade, had it been, the O.O. parade would have been bigger and better.

  • Drumlins Rock

    LD, joined my own district after City Hall, but must admit parading down Royal Avenue was one of the best bits, you probably saw me ok then lol. Not sure the spectators could take much more than 4 hours! But the historical parde looked excellent too.

  • Submariner

    Lahmderg there is something disgusting about involving children in hate parades and sectarian bigotry. I trust you kept your offspring away from having their photo taken with mr griffin or that nice mr mcillwaine. I you kept them away from the stalls.

  • Red Lion

    I very much enjoyed being out and about yesterday – certainly were big crowds on the lower newtownards road heard plenty of scottish and english accents there and some southerners enjoying themselves at the Arches – dont know if they were up with a band or something.
    It was nice to see so many country bands up in the City from all over NI, would be nice if a few such bands and lodges could do this every twelfth July, and perhaps a few city bands go to county demonstrations.
    Funniest moment was when the BallySally, Coleraine band past by with yer man Noel from TV’s “Estate” getting a bit of raking, all well intended.

  • ThomasMourne

    Another great day for sectarianism.

    DR’s description almost makes me want to give up my anti-sectarian stance and join in.

    Now that we’ve had the centenary celebration of the Covenant, surely we’ll have to have an annual commemoration of the centenary parade too.

  • ForkHandles

    Sounds like you had a great day out DR !

    I found the period dress of some people to be key to making the parade interesting and enjoyable to watch. Do you think there is any chance that ordinary parades and bands would go more down the route of dressing up?

  • ForkHandles

    Hey Thomas, I think you accidently typed “anti-” while composing your comment 🙂

  • tiger feet

    I saw the full length of the parade. 4 hours and 25 mins worth of parade in all. The front of the parade reached Stormont before more than half of the parade had even started marching.

    The overwhelming feeling it left was that the whole thing was just huge in scale. This was possibly even more noticable as a spectator than as a participant.

  • Nordie Northsider

    “The band played “Abide With Me”, it is quite beautiful on the flutes and reminded me of the Olympics…”

    You should tell the Olympic organisers. Maybe supremacist marching could be considered as an event. The Orange Order, the KKK etc.

  • Dixie Elliott

    Had a good laugh when I saw them copying the Shinners with the reenactments.

  • UserAinm

    It was some size of a parade alright but let’s not run away with ourselves it wasn’t the biggest in the world. Still big though.

  • Comrade Stalin

    Glad you had a good day out DR.

  • lamhdearg2

    “Lahmderg there is something disgusting about involving children in hate parades and sectarian bigotry”

    I agree sub, I would never even think of involving my children in, hate parades and sectarian bigotry.

  • dan,

    I think your bigotry is showing somewhat.

  • sonofstrongbow

    Free Woiworung! Occupiers out!

  • dantheman


    Point out any inaccuracies in my last post.

  • Sure, dan.

    I think it is inaccurate to describe people who marched or walked yesterday as being less than decent members of humanity. And I think it is inaccurate to describe the people who signed the Covenant as being Protestant terrorists.
    So perhaps you might rephrase.

  • dantheman

    Carson was a Protestant terrorist
    Craig was a Protestant terrorist

    The covenant was about usurping the democratic wishes of the people of Ireland by force of arms. There was little decency on show yesterday by the marchers, the Orange Order UVF or BNP that combined to create this bigotfest

  • lamhdearg2

    See what we are up against Joe, and some would suggest that dan and his like should be consulted on when and where folk can walk.

  • dantheman

    You can walk wherever you like.

    Terrorist parades are a different manner

  • tiger feet


    Would you prefer that Ireland had gotten the same treatment that Putin has given Chechnya?

    Ireland was part of the UK. Northern Ireland (indeed Ulster) has long been a distinct place from the rest of the island. You can hear this whenever anyone from these places opens their mouths and speaks. You can see it in opinion polls.

    British Canada had a right to tell the thirteen colonies that what was for them was not for us. Northern Ireland had that right too, even if it took until 1998 for everyone to accept that.

    This does not bind the people of the future, but a united Ireland was not in any way less about “usurping the democratic wishes” than partition was.

  • Covenanter

    It really is sad to get such a disturbing insight into the mindsets of republican bigots. I think that their hatred of the Orange Order is largely based on the way it continually intrudes on the pretend little republican world which they have created for themselves.

  • dantheman

    Catholics were banned from the streets of Belfast yesterday.

    Remind me again who the bigots are

  • sonofstrongbow

    It is the mark of ‘the man’ that he trades his sectarian bigotry on the back of an event to mark the heinous murder of a young woman.

    The irony that he posts as a privileged incomer from a country where the indigenous people have markedly lower outcomes in health. personal wealth and all indices of social wellbeing is obviously lost on him.

    If the Aboriginal peoples of Australia had only the Australia Day festivities or the occasional march to worry about I’d imagine they could tholl it happily.

  • Covenanter

    “Catholics were banned from the streets of Belfast yesterday.”

    Is this officially ‘Talk Bollocks Day’ or are you just flying your own kite?

  • lamhdearg2

    “Catholics were banned from the streets of Belfast yesterday.”

    thats a lie, did yer mammy never tell ye no tell fibs.

  • Covenanter

    You are a bigot. You are incapable of tolerating people who do not conform to your narrow world view.

  • Covenanter

    You managed a bigoted rant their that was largely fact free.

  • Zig70

    I caught sight of the parade as it went over the laga from up on the flyover. Bit of a pity there wasn’t more to mark it out from a July 12th parade. I was impressed with the size of it, though. What’s wrong with floats or big puppets that you would see in a more mardi gras type parade, are the OO against them or have I always missed them.

  • Zig70

    should be ‘lagan’.

  • Note to self: Don’t feed trolls. I welcome others to join me in my dietary habit.

  • dantheman


    You’ll need to expand on calling anyone who dislikes your beloved terrorist organisation a bigot. Not a particularly enlightened view of the world.

  • changeisneeded

    Loyalist terrorists on parade in Belfast city

    Sinn Fein are worse than useless..

  • Backbencher


    Enjoyed reading your report of the day.

    It truly was a fantastic day, great atmosphere, wonderful crowds, and superb display of the Orange culture.

    I’m little disappointed the TV stations could not have found the time to show more of the parade.

    A few aches and pains today but glad I made the effort to be there.

  • Covenanter

    Your bigotry is immediately revealed by your childish insistence on referring to the Orange Order as a ‘terrorist organisation’. I am assuming that you are not also an Irish republican otherwise I would be forced to add ‘hypocritical idiot’ .

  • Covenanter

    Loyalist terrorists on parade in Belfast city

    Sinn Fein are worse than useless..

    I know that Sinn Fein have become increasingly pro British of late, but I don’t think that they could rightly be termed as loyalists just yet. Their protests hardly qualify as parades either.

  • lamhdearg2

    cov, ingnore IT, and ITS head will probably spin off.

  • PeterBrown

    I have just posted the following comment on UTV’s article from which I quote – let’s see if they reply or anyone here wnats to try….

    “Marchers were ordered to play only sacred music, including Abide With Me and Onward Christian Soldiers, from the Carrick Hill junction to Royal Avenue.”

    An inaccuracy repeated by Mr Dempsey of Carrick Hill (Concerned) Residents when the determination which he and UTV are both familair with actually states that restrictions applies only to Donegall Street to Union Street which I understand was impeccably observed

    Perhaps UTV could clarify why it has repeated this misinformation and thereby reinforced an untrue allegation that many participants in yesterdays parade committed a criminal offence when no such offence was committed (asuming they pass this commnet in moderation at all)?

    Perhaps they could also ask Mr Dempsey why when interviewed by the media yesterday he made this statement which he presumably knew to be false unless he hadn’t actually read the determination he has already given numerous interviews about?

  • lamhdearg2

    peter dont hold your breath, I have been rattling on about this from yesterday tea time, it is said political types read slugger, its seem not, mark devenport had coner maskey on his radio show today, not a mention of franks lie, not a mention of protester breaches.

  • ArdoyneUnionist

    Out of curiosity did the parades commission determination permit the use of black flags and or banners by the Carrickhill protesters.

  • Toastedpuffin

    “Out of curiosity did the parades commission determination permit the use of black flags and or banners by the Carrickhill protesters.”

    Interesting point. Black flags have in the past been exclusively linked to various Republican gangs. A mistake for them to be used, I think.

    But haven’t we moved on wonderfully when the Republicans are scrabbling round in the dirt trying to find some tasty morsel of anguish they can go to the PC with? The fact that they were disappointed in that the day was utterly peaceful (and very enjoyable), and the worst they can come up with is the bands played Abide With me too loudly suggests we have actually moved on quite a bit.

    Well done to all who organised the parade.

  • Red Lion

    zig 70 at 10.15pm – spot on – time for the Orange Order and bands to expand / evolve the 12th celebrations, more floats and pageantry etc needed. Is there such a thing as a marching jazz band? why not? Bit off the wall but one for the future.

    Bearing in mind the Christian ethos of the orange order, ‘love thy neighbour’, ‘blessed are the peacemakers’ and ‘turn the other cheek’ come to mind about St Patricks Chapel. Im sure a lot of Orangemen and bands were bewildered about the band in a circle incident, yesterday would have been a good opportunity for ‘turning the other cheek’ ie deflate the situation, by a lodge/band to stop at St Patricks and make a presntation to preist/parishers of some kind – flowers/ harvestr fruit etc and to play a hymm and head on. It would be no big deal to do this – rem its to fellow christians and not polical groups. Might make others think of their actions in future, and get the world used to the 12th being a tourist attraction that stimulates the economy not spirals the public purse security bill.

  • Mc Slaggart

    “tiger feet (profile) 30 September 2012 at 7:51 pm

    The overwhelming feeling it left was that the whole thing was just huge in scale. This was possibly even more noticable as a spectator than as a participant.”

    I got the impression that it was actually not that large? If you compare it to say Belfastpride who say they got “35,000 people hit the streets to come out and show their support. ”

    The belfast tele is saying 30,000 participated and if you multiply that by 3 and add the 30 000 you are still only at 120 000 max. For a one in a hundred years parade it was not that big.

  • between the bridges

    for an event that might have ‘only’ attracted 120k i have to say i was rather impressed with the scale! great day and one to be remembered.

  • Mc Slaggart

    between the bridges

    “i was rather impressed with the scale! ”

    If there was 30 000 on parade and say 1/3 were members of all the orders that means the orders is down to a maximum of 10 000.

    With approximatly 700 orange halls in Ireland that makes an average of 700/10000 or about 15 members per hall?

  • dantheman

    100,000 people – morally superior people – in Dublin yesterday for the hurling replay.

    Another great day, and a true cultural event on the banks of the Liffey

  • sonofstrongbow

    Given the imperative which Irish nationalists feel to rewrite history I expect in a couple of months they’ll be telling all and sundry that two men and a wee boy made up the parade, pun intended by the way.

  • The Watchman

    I also had a great day on parade and, yes, there were loads of little kids giving me high fives all the way.

    I’m amused at the people who have tried to downplay the numbers. I was one of the first to Stormont at 1pm and lodges were still arriving there at 4.30 when the Belfast brethren were heading home.

    Truly a wonderful day and if nationalists have a problem with it, so what? They whinge like they breathe. Get a life, folks.

  • between the bridges

    @McS, if you want figures try a parade that takes 3-4 hours to pass…9/10k musicians 20-25k marchers @ 5 for spectators… as i said i was impressed by the scale…did you see much from your elevated equine?

  • Mc Slaggart

    “a parade that takes 3-4 hours to pass”

    That does not tell you that its a big parade it just tells you who ever organised it was not interest in keeping people entertained.

    The 30000 figure for people marching was given in the paper and it was a maximum.

    The orange order alone said it had 35,758 in 2006 even you put their figure for all the orders at around 20 000. That makes an average of 30 members per hall.

    I can understand why only 5 spectators turned up with the parade being 4 hours long 🙂

  • BarneyT

    I think it is fair to say that the Orange Order and Black instition does not truely represent the Unionist and protestant community. I am sure there are many Unionist communities that would like to hold on to the 12th and other events as an expression of culture and a great family day out, and the last thing they want is conflict.

    I also dont think that a Unionist wakes up on 12th and plans their calendar as follows: Get washed, some cornflakes…some Orange juice…oh yehus! Get dressed, do my hatred and antagonism exercises, find a chapel to piss on…. etc..

    I dont know what the graph looks like, but as the world becomes smaller and the minds bigger and perhaps we bring up another generation in relative peace (as the existing insitutionalised in our society age and wither), the membership of these blatently sectarian organisations will wane.

    Would the marches work, or transform into a festival or just die out if this became a unionist expression rather than an outlet for loyalism? Who would own the event if those orders collapsed and became irrelevant?

    But be honest (although not a justification) there is scope to retain and enhance these marches as a spectacle. The beat of a drum is mighty and at the end of the day its its the size of the goat that allows the drum to lambeg or bodhran!

  • HeinzGuderian

    bt…..the only way to rid ourselves of these ‘blatantly sectarian organisations’,is to do away with religion. I await that day with unbridled longing.

  • Drumlins Rock

    Barney, most of the bands are independant of the Orange Order, it is a tradition of its own, although closely linked, there is even an element of cross community invovlment within bands (on a par with prods playing gaa) also many bandsmen would possibly share Heinz view!

    The loyal orders themselves have a strong enough base and age spread to be around for the next 50 years, but without a crystal ball who can predict anything, they are evolving all the time, too slowly for many within and almost everyone outside! but the changes over the last 20 years with increased community invovlment has been phenominal.

  • BarneyT

    Whao! That’s something you never hear. Cross community involvement within bands…bands that march on the 12th?

    I welcome the change but I too think they have a long road to travel…buts thats not to say they wont. Similar journeys have to be made on both sides…then again..there are sides within sides are there not 🙂

  • Covenanter

    McSlaggart is right. The parade was a badly attended washout. The Orange Order used mirrors and camera tricks from the pro orange media to make it appear to be a huge parade. In fact, as he points out, it is the final evidence that they are all but finished and indeed will be very soon.

    Just as Redmond predicted.

  • babyface finlayson

    “100,000 people – morally superior people – in Dublin yesterday for the hurling replay.”
    Morally superior? That was a joke right?

  • dantheman

    babyface finlayson

    Nope. Completely true. No Shankill butchers commemorated or members of Neo Nazi parties in Croker on Sunday. Just a higher calibre of human

  • babyface finlayson

    “Just a higher calibre of human”.Rubbish
    How do you judge the calibre of people based on their attendance at a sporting event.
    Maybe they all went home and beat their children!

  • PeterBrown

    Oh so nobody from Kevin Lynch GAC there being awarded the Bobby Sands or Mairead Farrell trophies and a medal witha terrorist on it then? Anyone else here the distinctive tinkling of the building materials in the glass house?

  • Reader

    dantheman: Nope. Completely true. No Shankill butchers commemorated or members of Neo Nazi parties in Croker on Sunday. Just a higher calibre of human
    If the GAA has started excluding Provos and Dissies from 100,000 strong GAA crowds then that would be (1) Challenging, (2) New and (3) Probably illegal. If you get a 100,000 crowd anywhere in Ireland it’s probably going to contain a few murderers.

  • dantheman

    Not sure why I am getting yellow cards here.

    All I am doing is pointing out that people you do not march in sectarian parades through the streets of Belfast are superior to those who do.

    You cannot appease fascist organisations like the Orange Order

  • Mc Slaggart

    Covenanter (profile)
    “McSlaggart is right. The parade was a badly attended washout. The Orange Order used mirrors and camer”

    Was it not all the different Orders who were in attendance?

  • Covenanter


    I should thunk that they were all represented to some degree or other. Why do you ask?

  • Mc Slaggart

    “Covenanter (profile) 2 October 2012 at 7:32 pm

    I should thunk that they were all represented to some degree or other. Why do you ask?”

    It tells us how many people their is in the orders.

  • PeterBrown


    Half my lodge was on parade so multiply the figures by x 2 if we were the average

  • Dan,

    You have likely got only one yellow; it’s just that it appears in all comments after your name for a day. You should have got an email to the account you used when you registered with slugger and it will state what comment got you the card.

  • babyface finlayson

    “people you do not march in sectarian parades through the streets of Belfast are superior to those who do.”
    Your logic is very poor.
    How do you know none of the people at the match have never marched in a sectarian parade?
    How do you know they have not done much worse?
    The group ‘people who do not march in sectarian parades through the streets of Belfast’ is a very large one containing many bad people.
    It was a silly comment and I am only replying out of boredom.

  • DC

    100,000 people – morally superior people – in Dublin yesterday for the hurling replay.

    Oh nice to know you’re an aggressive air hockey fan.

  • dantheman

    Air hockey, a disrespectful term to dedicated amateur athletes.

    How are Sevco 5088 getting on these days? Did they win in Moscow in the CL tonight? No must have been another Glasgow team and not the zombie one

  • DC

    No sense of humour I see, I guess those morally superior are afflicted with arrogance.

    You do realise Barca will start with their full squad out unlike playing against the 10 of Spartak.

  • dantheman

    I believe all teams in the Champions League start with eleven players.

    Rangers FC 1872-2012 must be turning in their graves at tonight’s result. Still there’s always the Irish league at least Linfield may win that (with their £400,000 head start on allcomers).

    I trust that Orangeman has cleaned the urine away from the from of the chapel and that the Holy Cross children got to school this morning safely

  • DC

    I believe all teams in the Champions League start with eleven players.

    Well I think Celtic will need the 15 that air hockey uses if they are to beat Barca.

    Funny how ever since the CCTV cameras went up around north belfast the trouble stopped, you know those cameras republicans tried to pull down and wanted down in the name of ‘privacy’.

  • Submariner

    Was sent this earlier by text
    Footbal results
    Spartek Moscow 2-Celtic 3
    HMRC £94,426,217.22-Rangers 0

  • dantheman

    “Well I think Celtic will need the 15 that air hockey uses if they are to beat Barca.”

    Most teams would. And Rangers will need 115 players the next time Queen Of The South come to Ibrox.

    No idea about the CCTV’s but they should have come in handy identifying the urinating Orangeman. If not I’m sure he’ll own up, his fellow lodge members will identify him or the GOLI will conduct an investigation. Maybe Diamond Dan saw something

  • DC

    The Vanguard True Blue King Billy George Seawright Memorial Red Hand Defenders Hand Across the Water Diamond Jubilee Ulster Bears will be having a whip around in the the Shankill Road Spirit of Drumcree NI Supporters to raise that cash.

    yea and meanwhile in the Alan Brazil supporters club…

  • dantheman

    “yea and meanwhile in the Alan Brazil supporters club…”

    This is the Shankill we’re talking about. It must be the Not Brazil supporters club you’re thinking of, run be the UVF.

    Or the Not Going to Brazil supporters club…