#DigitalLunch today: Crashing systems…

We’ll have the live feed here up and running just before 1pm… to get an idea of what we mean by crashing systems, have a look at the event page over on Google Plus

All across the world, systems are crashing. In banking we’ve seen debt slicing and long haul internal systems like that of RBS/NatWest/Ulster Bank literally falling apart.

In Europe post war notions of solidarity are being stretched to bursting as sovereign nations argue over the degree to which fiscal sovereignty can be shared.

Quite a few have registered to come along, but we can always space for more… even if it is only just drop in for five or ten minutes… As ever you can lodge your questions for the panel here on Slugger, or over at my own Google Plus stream which you can find at gplus.to/mickfealty


  • Mick Fealty

    I’m intrigued as to why we don’t comments on these DL threads… are they too obtuse?

  • Mick,

    Could it be that the time is wrong for most people. I seem to notice that the number of people commenting on any thread goes up after around 7:00 pm your time. Employers cracked down on access from work?