#DigitalLunch: How has 9/11 changed your world?

That is the title of today’s digital lunch… we’ve a great panel lined up for today at 1pm, including Gabrielle Laine-Peters, Karin Wahl-Jorgensen, James Moffat and others… I’ll put the live feed up here closer to broadcast time.

You can see Monday’s thread here… In the meantime what we’d really like is your questions… Put them below, on the YouTube stream, or best on my own Google Plus stream where it is easiest for us to pick up inside the ‘studio’…


  • Jack2

    Close to home – Within the last week we have had a body scanner installed at Aldergrove.
    If a passenger is selected we’re told the scan is compulsory to clear security.
    ie/ no scan = no flight.

  • Clanky

    The shipping industry has introduced the International Ship and Port Security Code, as with everything else that has been introduced to the shipping industry it is a token gesture which is light on any practical measures and heavy on audit trail and paperwork.

    No-one is prepared to accept the fact that something so absolutely vital to World trade is incredibly vulnerable to not only attack by terrorists (as the piracy problem has highlighted) but to hijack for use by terrorists to attack civilian targets as the 9/11 planes were – imagine a huge oil tanker exploding in Houston.

    We now have a whole series of pointless security measures and a whole new raft of paperwork and audit trails, none of which make the slightest difference, if they did then the piracy problem would have gone away. If ISPS has not protected ships against a bunch of coked up Somalis it will not protect shipping against determined terrorists, but an ISPS non-conformity is a detainable deficiency for which a ship can be arrested in the same way as not having working lifeboats or fire pumps.

    The whole thing was a knee-jerk reaction to 9/11 prompted by and forced through by the US, much like the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.