Some fool posting a reward for attempting arson?

Well, not exactly. Libertarian blogger Mark Wallace has accumulated £6,500 in public donations as a bounty for anyone who can set off the fire alarm in Ecuador’s London Embassy. Sheesh…

  • Toastedpuffin

    As George Galloway might say, “This is something which can happen, you know”.

  • Zig70

    If I was so inclined I’d think public donations to flood the area with Assange lookalikes would be a good way to spend the day, bet there are loads. Wouldn’t have to be that close, just enough to cause panic.

  • Zig70 @ 8:19 pm:

    A flash mob in masks? “I am Spartacus!” “No, I am Spartacus”.

    There is a simple solution. Those Swedish charges need to be forensically tested. Assange has said he is prepared to go to Sweden — if the US and Sweden commit that he would not be re-extradited. An easy out for all concerned?

    Meanwhile, the more he hangs around, the greater the public jollity as the likes of William Hague and Gorgeous George Galloway to open their mouths and let their brain cell escape.

    Considering the life-history and attitudes of Assange, can someone draw a clear line between his “libertarianism” and old-fashioned irresponsibility? I’m just asking. [And, by the way, I reckon the whole wikileaks business is, in general, “a good thing”, and on the side of the angels.]

  • andnowwhat

    I see that George’s party leader, Salma yahoos, has rejected his remarks.

  • andnowwhat

    I saw a whistleblower on Newsnight, who is on team Assangange, who also had sex abuse allegations thrown at him. He also gave a list of other whistleblowers who had such allegations, as well as others such as shoplifting, thrown at them afterwards. The Swedes have interviewed a murder suspect abroad, why not Assange?

  • Comrade Stalin

    I am surprised the embassy hasn’t had a bomb warning phoned in yet.

    The Israeli embassy in Dublin was evacuated this morning due to a “suspect package”.

  • Jo

    This is mild compared to the calls for Assange’s assassination which are carried on a certain NI hate-site

    Can anyone have any doubt that there is a political agenda at work here – and its not about what Assange did or did not do in bed with 2 women?

  • sonofstrongbow

    It actually is about “what Assange did or did not do in bed with 2 women”. If there is “a political agenda at work” that can be tested should the allegations ever have their day in court.

    Setting aside the wild conspiracy theories whirling around some fevered brains how can anyone cast Sweden, that most liberal of liberal democracies, as the villain of the piece slavishly ready to do the White House’s bidding?

    Assange talks a lot about justice and free speech yet he denies justice to two women and gets in bed with Ecuador, a country that prosecutes journalists under its Desacato laws for ‘insulting’ the country’s president.