Might Rory McIroy be a flash in the pan?

On the eve of the American PGA, Our Holywood hero is “refreshingly honest”, according to the Guardian. But maybe with just a touch of sour grapes added?

McIlroy, whose honesty in public is one of his most endearing qualities, said: “I’m just happy to be part of that group of 16. I think the reason it is like this, fields are much deeper. Partly because the guys have just got better and have worked hard; they are putting more into the game physically, mentally, practice, technical, everything.

“But I think one of the big things is the technology. I think 25 years ago you had the really good players that could play with basically anything and nowadays the technology lets maybe some of the lesser players catch up with the better players. And I think that’s why you see so many more guys winning these days.”

McIlroy insists he has been more irked at not featuring near the summit of major leaderboards since winning last year’s US Open than his failure to swiftly claim a second win in one of golf’s biggest events. “I’ve hopefully got 25 more years to try and win major championships.”

The Mail Online is sceptical about McIlroy’s opinion that the secret of success lies in how to play the grass planted on the Atlantic course of Kiawah Island near Charleston South Carolina.

Paspalum is used on links courses in America because it is heat and salt resistant. It reacts by grabbing at the ball like Velcro and so the requirement is totally different from links golf in Britain..

At the same time..

Biblical amounts of rain have made this course soft and long. With more stormy weather predicted, don’t be surprised if there are suspensions of play. That ought to play into McIlroy’s hands

Different grass, similar weather. Take your pick in the often thankless task of sporting speculation…  Still, it’s good to see that the press is still on Rory’s side.

Good luck kid!

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  • gary oh

    When rorys on top form none can live with him. He’s a risk taking aggressive golfer and a joy to watch. The majors so far have been a huge letdown but we forget how young the guy is. He will win more majors that’s a fact. He’s a credit it to himself and Northern Ireland.

  • keano10

    We were having a discussion about the PGA in work this morning and none of the guys are having a bet on McIlroy which perhaps indicates the lack if confidence in him after a disappointing last 6 months.

    It’s not just his Major form. He has’nt set the world alight in most other tournaments either. The problem for Rory is that there are so many good players now (particularly on The PGA Tour) that Majors are becoming increasingly difficult to win. The last 16 Majors have been won by 16 different players which says it all really. There are also plenty of excellent players currently knocking at the door for Major success (Matt Kuchar and Jason Dufner to name but two).

    Perhaps Rory believed a little bit of his own hype during his very brief flirtation as World No 1, but he has a lot of work to do if he is going to replicate the early career acheivements of Tiger Woods.

  • michael-mcivor

    Rorys made a lot of money and had a lot of honours at a young age- maybe the hunger is gone for now- he is one of the worlds best at golf,its just that he seems to have one eye on tennis at the momment-and who can blame him-

  • Dec

    I don’t think it’s any coincidences that both McIlroy and Wozniack’s form have gone down the pan since they first hooked up together. When asked what Rory needed to do to rediscover his form, Butch Harmon summed it up succintly: ‘Less girlfriend, more golf.’

    By the age of 25 Tiger had won 24 PGA tournaments including 5 majors. Rory’s now 23.

  • GavBelfast

    Yes, he might be “flash in the pan”.

    Next …..

  • Mark

    You took the words right out of my mouth Dec ….

    You need tunnel vision to stay at the top in sports like golf , tennis , boxing . As soon as they met up at the Haye / Klitschko fight in Germany , the press were all over them . The new golden couple . They both felt the pressure and both players form dipped .

  • I have to admit I have never been on a golf course in my life but if I am ever forced on to one it will be with Mark Twain.
    I do watch the majors but it always seems that nearly anyone in the field “can” win. I am not sure if this is a good thing or a bad thing but in any given year on say the European Tour the number of winners seems high.

    Golf seems to respect no reputation. This weeks winner struggles to qualify at the next tournament……it seems there are a lot of one hit wonders. But I dont think this is the case with McIlroy. He seems to be too naturally good to just lose it.
    Possibly he has indulged himself too much in TV panel games etc but if he got back to basics he will be fine.

  • Banjaxed

    There are times, on this site, when I think I am on a parallel universe reading some of the comments on a particular topic.

    All the negatives come crawling out of the woodwork – the naysayers and the begrudgers no matter what the subject is. My God, don’t we have them in abundance!

    This guy is 3rd in the world. Let me repeat it for the deaf: HE’S THIRD IN THE WORLD!!

    Yeah, he’s had a couple of flakey tournaments recently, but he’s still in there battling. Would the begrudgers like him to give up – to prove their point that he’s not a winner? Wouldn’t that suit them just fine to bring hm down to their own sad level?

    Even if he doesn’t get any higher, he’ll still fly closer to the sun than that shower of bottom-feeders.

    And, btw, if I played golf, I’d really tell you how I felt!

  • Mister_Joe

    Yes, leave the young guy alone. So he’s a bit off right now. No big deal. His talent is incredible and he’ll be back, without a doubt.

  • dwatch

    If the kid never wins another major, it won’t take away that the first ever golfer from Northern Ireland to reach No 1 golfer in the world was Rory McIlroy at 22 years old in 2012. His other NI golfing pal to win the US open in 2010 being Graeme McDowell . GMac is only 1 behind Rory in this last 2012 major. Follow their daily results here.


    Fingers crossed Darren Clarke makes the cut today.

  • Dec


    Chill out and go have a lie down. Nobody’s begrudging him anything – by any standards he’s having a great life and good luck to him. But we’re not discussing his income or personal satisfaction here, we’re discussing his golf. He had a great round yesterday and I hope he repeats that form throughout the weekend and goes on to win it. But I’m struggling to think of the last time he’s put two or 3 good rounds together since he won the US Open.

  • Banjaxed


    Point of information: Where did I mention McIlroy’s ‘income or personal satisfaction’ in my post? Yeah, that’s right – nowhere.
    You were the first to mention the girlfriend by name, others his lifestyle and income.

    I dealt purely with his achievements in the game and the position which he now holds in the world ranking table. There was also a sideswipe at the begrudgers and your final sentence starting with a large, qualifying ‘But’ doesn’t in any way make me want to change its direction.

    If he does blow it, I’ll buy you and the others a (virtual) lemon to take the smile of your faces.

    Have a miserable day, y’all! 🙂

  • Dec


    Let me explain something. Not all of us are parochial innocents who think being 3rd in the world for an undefined period should be the ultimate aim of any professional sportsman. Rory McIlroy got to where he was through complete and utter focus in his youth and it’s clear, based on his recent results, that that focus has slipped in recent times. Highlighting this salient fact out isn’t a negative and frankly it’s a lot more positive than flat-earthers like yourself who think everythings grand because he was 3rd in the world for a week in August 2012 and anyone who feels, based on his talent, could and should be doing better is ‘sideswiping’. Grow up!

  • dwatch

    “Not all of us are parochial innocents who think being 3rd in the world for an undefined period should be the ultimate aim of any professional sportsman.”

    Dec, can you name me another golfer from Northern Ireland who has been 3rd in the world rankings?

  • Banjaxed

    Well, Dec, that’s a little more positive even though you ignored my point of info.

    I would also ask you to read my post yet again. Where did I imply that he should rest on his laurels and be satisfied with #3. I stated categorically that he was still in there battling. However, keep it up, lad, you’re nearly there.

    And as for me growing up, perhaps you should remove your finger from the monitor as you read. It seems to be blocking my words.

  • Dec

    ‘Dec, can you name me another golfer from Northern Ireland who has been 3rd in the world rankings?’

    And parochialism raises it’s head again. While you’re online, check out the population of Jamaica and have a little think.


    Here’s what you wrote referring to those of us who feel he’s capable of a lot better than what he’s achieved in the last 12 months:

    ‘Would the begrudgers like him to give up – to prove their point that he’s not a winner? Wouldn’t that suit them just fine to bring hm down to their own sad level?’

    Enjoy the rest of your day in whatever bible-belt rural shithole you call home.

  • Banjaxed

    My, my, my! A guy makes a several completely wrong assumptions about my posts and, when challenged, makes even more outrageous ones.

    ‘Bible-belt’ – wrong!
    ‘Rural’ – wrong!
    ‘Shithole’ – wrong! (However, this can be subjective!)

    Admit it, Dec, you got it wrong the first time and have done so ever since.

    And, for a guy who doesn’t even know in what country, continent or environment I live, aren’t you the one to make with the absolutes. Says everything about you, really.

    I also think a course in anger management might do you the world of good. At least give it a try, there’s a good lad.

  • HeinzGuderian

    Deary me.
    I think Banjaxed has this topic well covered,but just to add one little point.
    What the hell gives anyone here the right to try and tell Wee Rory how to live his life or improve his game ?

  • dwatch
  • sdelaneys

    I’m voting for Banjaxed.

  • Mister_Joe

    Some neck flash, some chicken pan. Way to go Rory.

  • dwatch

    Rory’s is three shots clear going into the final round. He tees off at 6.45 PM our time. Hope he wins his 2nd major.


  • gary oh

    Rory running away with it. Northern ireland runs the show at golf I think they will win the ryder cup for europe.

  • GavBelfast

    Or maybe not …. lol

  • Mister_Joe

    # 1 in the world. Youngest ever winner of the PGA. Biggest margin ever.
    Screw the naysayers now.
    Wonderful Rory.

  • Kit_Carruthers

    The best way he could possibly answer the critics. Just as he did when he was criticised for not being able to close out tournaments, he answered with his swing.

    Classy way two win his first two majors. Hope his putter stays hot for the the Ryder Cup.

  • GavBelfast

    I very much doubt if he had speculative keyboard nobodies in mind, but you never know …


    Warm congratulations to him!

  • Billy Pilgrim

    ‘Might Rory McIroy be a flash in the pan?’

    Apparently not…

    Thought he’d been spending too much time at the tennis this year, and his form has been wildly erratic, but his talent – nay, his genius – was never in doubt.

    Of course, Rory is NI’s third two bona fide sporting genius; we all know how the other two (Best and Higgins) turned out…

    No such fears for Rory. He’ll clock up a dozen more of these things before he’s done.

  • Banjaxed

    I wanted to avoid saying ‘I told you so’ but…

    ‘I told you so’!

    Heh! First time I was ever proved right on Slugger!! 🙂 🙂 🙂