#GiantsCauseway: Fenians lose out to Bible.


According to UTV, the Giant’s Causeway Visitor Centre now includes exhibits that acknowlegde the young-earth Creationist view of how the world-famous stones are formed. Pete has detailed the backstory to this before and others have picked up the creationist lobbying trail around the Ulster Museum.

UTV report that

The National Trust said it wanted to “reflect and respect” the fact that some people contest the views of mainstream science.

With that, the National Trust have now neatly denigrated and rejected centuries of scientific research outputs as ‘views’ that need to be balanced by religious views. Culturally and intellectually we have now regressed to the eighteenth century* (or progressed from the seventeenth century*), hopefully we aren’t getting the full package. I can only assume, and fear, that the Ulster Museum will be next.

Obviously Finn McCool is the one who is really losing out here as his part in the construction of the Giant’s Causeway is being reduced to myth, rather than respected as a ‘view’ held by decent people. For those unfamiliar with the real Finn, he is best captured in Flann O’Brien’s At-Swim-Two-Birds:

Finn MacCool was a legendary hero of old Ireland. Though not mentally robust, he was a man of superb physique and development. Each of his thighs was as thick as a horse’s belly, narrowing to a calf as thick as the belly of a foal. Three fifties of fosterlings could engage with handball against the wideness of his backside, which was large enough to halt the march of men through a mountain-pass.

How could anyone credibly believe such a man didn’t build the Giant’s Causeway?