“This issue regarding Mute Meadow resides with Ilex.”

Apparently, there’s a problem with the £800,000 public artwork, “Mute Meadow“, in Londonderry.  Although it’s not entirely clear what the “issue” actually is.  It was supposed to have been ‘switched on’ on 25 June 2011.

The permanent public installation, designed by Vong Phaophanit and Claire Oboussier, was announced as the winner of the Foyle Public Arts Project in 2009.

From the BBC report

Vong Phaophanit, Turner prize nominee and his co-creator, Claire Oboussier, have commented on the issue.

“‘The protracted process in resolving the issues associated with the fabrication of the work concerns us deeply and we are as distressed and disappointed as everyone else that the work is not yet fully operational.

“The reasons for this are complex and beyond our personal and professional control.”

They said they will cooperate with Ilex, the Arts Council of Northern Ireland, Derry City Council and all relevant parties.

They are confident that a resolution will soon be reached.

The visual arts officer for Derry City Council, Brendan McMenamin, said although he is not directly involved with the issue, he hopes Mute Meadow will soon be lit up.

“We are better to get things correct and have it operational.

“This issue regarding Mute Meadow resides with Ilex.

“People are working extremely hard to resolve it and they hopefully will,” he said.

Well, it is supposed to “reflect the spirit, creativity, history and diversity of this city and its people”.  [A resounding success already then?! – Ed]  It could be worse…