#PDNI: Consultation in Northern Ireland is too often tokenistic…

Rhion Jones who spoke at yesterday’s event in Belfast Castle argues a creditation scheme could help focus public consultation away from the tick box exercise it currently is…


  • Mark Durkan coined the term ‘Consultation Fatigue’ over a decade ago – how do we overcome so many formulaic, sterile public consultations and move to meaningful engagement to secure better policy?

    That’s the nub of it.

    It should certainly be possible in N. Ireland – if only because of scale, experience and political stability!

  • There’s consultation? Much of consultation is poor because the companies that deliver ‘Reports’ do so to please the client and not to make waves.

  • Of course, that only refers to the companies that supply poor reports. Good job this is only a very small proportion of companies, and then mostly on an off day.

  • Mick Fealty

    Some form of accreditation as suggested by Rhion *might* address that problem. But it’s the public facing nature ought help self regulate,mid value is put at the centre of the proposition.

    That comes done to whether the client will take the risk of going to the public in good faith early enough for that input to count.

  • Um. Not completely clear the point there Mick. Think the key issue is intent, and that is whether or not the departments are happy with tick boxes they control or not. In the interests of accountability and transparency of course there is no suggestion that the public services are happy with less than full engagement with the public….