Hearts and Minds: Starting a conversation about having a conversation?

This exchange from Hearts and Minds last night has two, what I’d call, very very weird moments. One is when Mike Nesbitt tells Noel Thompson to ‘go and talk to his producer’ about the conditions under which he has agreed to do the interviewer. And two is really just the way he stumps Declan Kearney (who holds only a party office in Sinn Fein).

This comes at the end of repeated attempts by Nesbitt to get Kearney to start the very conversation he has said he wants to have with Unionists. The result is a very bizarre, almost surreal experience in which Nesbitt comes across as waspish at times. And Kearney refuses at every opportunity to actually engage in the conversation he says he wants.

Welcome to the Twilight Zone of our once beloved Peace Process™….

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