Just three per cent of businesses are registered in NI’s second city…

The Londonderry Sentinel has some fascinating figures released by the DFP minister Sammy Wilson:

New figures detailing the number of registered businesses in each constituency show there were only 2,205 in Londonderry in January.

Only West Belfast (1,430) and North Belfast (2,185) had fewer whilst East Londonderry (3,900) and West Tyrone (5,095) had roughly twice as many as the Foyle constituency.

And it notes:

It follows the revelation in March that over 800 business premises in Londonderry lie desolate.

There are 13 empty factories, 270 empty warehouses and stores and 167 empty shops in Londonderry at present, according to the Finance Minister Sammy Wilson. A total of 817 unoccupied non-domestic properties were vacant here at March 18. This was up from 787 two years ago.

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