Obama endorses gay marriage

Obama’s endorsement was fittingly understated. Rather than making a great speech, he depicted a scene millions of American parents will relate to: The simple inability to challenge their kids’ assumption that their school friends’ gay parents should be treated differently.

Watch here, it’s well worth the 2 minutes.

Howard Kurtz cuts to the electoral significance: “At the risk of resorting to hyperbole, this is a political earthquake that shakes the landscape by putting a divisive culture-war issue front and center.”

Romney? Content with second class citizenship, Romney doesn’t even support civil unions.

Inevitably, the coverage will focus on the impact on the election race since target swing states, including Virginia and North Carolina, oppose the equality measure.

But this is bigger than an electoral moment. It fires the starting gun, perhaps, on an historic leap forward for civil rights and an end to second class citizenship in the United States.

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