A “Boris in every city” rejected at the polls

David Cameron’s vision of strong elected personalities leading cities across England [Ed – aren’t those called councillors?] has been rejected by nearly all those cities who held mayoral referendums on Thursday.

May 2012 mayoral referendum results

With all the city referendums now counted, Bristol is the only new city to support the switch to having a directly elected mayor. However, the Doncaster electorate overwhelming voted (62% in favour) to keep their elected mayor.

Turnout was underwhelming, between 24-35%. Apathy rules.

Perhaps a matter of people liking elected mayors once they have one, but being hard to convince that the change (and expense) is worth it?

Still, makes you wonder who could be elected as the ‘Boris’ of Belfast, Derry, Lisburn, Newry … or Ballymena!