The need for a Bigger Picture

There is a time in life when one must stand up and be counted. A time when people cry out for a saviour to come and rescue them from their peril. A time to take your place as a leader of men. Then there are other times. Times when people are really happy enough, not too bothered and well, content with their lot. I come to Slugger as the latter hoping to inspire something of the former.

I should explain. After Mick’s recent post on the lack of DUP commentators I thought it about time that I put my hand up and see what I can do but first, a little bit about me.

I should start with the most important fact for the Slugger faithful is that I am a unionist who supports the DUP. My support for the DUP is based on my belief that they have provided leadership and a clear direction from the other unionist parties and represent what, I believe, are core tenants of my unionist belief.

I am sure, just from this, that I will attract a fair bit of flack from other commentators but let me just expand on a few things. I am not a Free Presbyterian, I have a third level education and would quite happily describe myself as a middle class professional. I even enjoy the occassional tipple, Bruce Springsteen, the arts and cricket.

I hope to write extensively on Slugger in the near future on those few topics that I find interesting and also shed some light on politics from the position of a DUP voter,who doesn’t have the baggage of the troubles and the early years of the party and who wants to focus on and debate what the “Bigger Picture” unionism in the 21st Century should be all about.

Fair Deal is a hard act to follow and that is an act that, quite frankly, I am unable to replicate.  Perhaps over time however we can engage in the same debates and arguments that Fair Deal not only participated in but shaped and in some ways influenced the way politics is practised in Northern Ireland.

A lofty ideal, but sure we all have to begin somewhere?