Is the Governor of the Central Bank “representative” or “independent”?

The ‘controversy’ arising over the Governor of the Central Bank of Ireland Patrick Honohan’s endorsement of a Yes vote, is possibly the least important aspect of his speech to the IEA.

Padraig Mac Lochlainn believes Honohan should not have publicly said Yes because:

“…public servants, which Governor Honahan is, are paid by the taxpayer and therefore representative and accountable to all taxpayers.”

The Minister of Finance demurs:

“Patrick Honohan is independent as governor of the Central Bank and is quite free to express his view. He does not require permission from the Government and he does not seek and we do not give him advice as governor of the Central Bank.”

There you have it…

– “Representative” [like a TD – Ed]

– Or “Independent” [like a Northern Ireland Attorney General – Ed]

So which is he?

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