SDO: Year 2, approaching solar maximum…

Here’s a short video compilation of some stunning views of the Sun in 2012 – as seen by the Solar Dynamics Observatory (SDO).

And Science at Nasa has a, erm, cheerful message as we approach solar maximum – “Enjoy the show!”  [Once more, with feeling… – Ed]  Indeed.

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  • lamhdearg2

    “And Science at Nasa has a, erm, cheerful message”
    just give me the gist of it pete, i dont like computer generated images, even the weans cartoons make for a sore head.

  • Pete Baker

    “Solar flares cannot destroy the Earth.”

    Because they haven’t up to now…

    That’s about the gist of it, Lamhdearg.

  • lamhdearg2

    Thats sound, or is it.
    ps, good response on the other thread.