DUP/SF coalition: who is the adroitest of them all?

The leader of the Alliance party yesterday suggested that the UUP and SDLP mirror image constituted a party political paradigm to be pitied – parties searching for a core purpose forever pulled down by a waning support base. David Ford then built on his analogical rhetoric by calling the DUP and SF parties mirror images of one another; qualifying however this proposition by suggesting that these party political duplicates are very much to be feared.

This compelling line of argumentation from the leader of the third party of half of Northern Ireland got me thinking about the dynamics of the DUP/SF coalition and inspired the image you see above. Your captions are welcome!

  • lamhdearg2

    this reminds me of that film marty, what film peter, dorian grey.

  • sdelaneys

    Poor old David, if you didn’t see his shambolic interview on Hearts and Minds, here it is complete with reference to ‘half west of the Bann’


  • sdelaneys. DF’s interview just now on inside politics was hardly an improvementon H&M and he didn’t have NT interrupted the verbosity today.

  • David Ford on Inside Politics.

    Seamus Close: ” .. the backdrop, Peter and Martin. They’re trotting round the globe rubbing shoulders with sheiks.”

    Dolores Kelly has caricatured the APNI leader as the pinball wizard, as someone who had surrendered ‘political principle for political office’.

  • Begob boys since I saw you last on the TItanic you’ve changed a bit, who are ye agin?

  • “these party political duplicates are very much to be feared.”

    According to Liam Clarke, the Justice minister is likely to come under further pressure from the deadly duo:

    He has been slapped around on the justice committee by Paul Givan and Jim Wells for presiding over a prison system the DUP considers too soft, while Sinn Fein portray him as too tough on prisoners like Marion Price.

    Ford and his colleagues are now being blamed for delays in finding agreement on CSI and, within the next month, the big parties can be expected to produce their own joint-paper, whether he supports it or not.

    The head and deputy head are counting on Ford to swallow his pride and get on with his work.