Baggott: Fear within communities retards convictions for punishment beatings and shootings…

Matt Baggott on Nolan says that more and more people are turning to the PSNI to give information. He also notes (before getting abruptly cut off in the audioboo edit) the sheer organisation of local paramilitary regimes handing out sentences as though they were part of some local, unofficial judiciary. As the CC himself notes it is the fear within communities, and “the obscenity in a European democracy of a father taking his child to be shot by appointment”.

If you log into the programme just about the hour, you can listen to the distinctly off topic responses from both Jeffrey Donaldson (‘we’re spending £80 mill in deprived communities”) and Gerry Kelly, who majors on that rather convenient #darkside meme, to avoid the problem in hand… i.e. the abuse of children and young adults in certain working class communities in the name of summary justice.

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