“this scam was set up, co-ordinated and run by members of the Provisional IRA based in south Armagh.”

Here’s a court case that might be worth keeping an eye on.  From the breakingnews.ie report

Gerard Giffney (aged 51), who had been originally from Tynan Hall Grove, in Tallaght, Dublin, appeared in court this morning after he was extradited from the UK.

Mr Giffney, who had worked as a Revenue official in the 1990s, faced 22 charges relating to the defrauding of €112,000 from the Revenue Commissioners on dates in 2003, in Tallaght.

The charges include deception and attempted deception contrary to the Theft and Fraud Offences Act as well as counts under the Taxes Consolidation Act for aiding and abetting the submission of incorrect tax returns.

Sergeant Michael McKenna of the Garda Bureau of Fraud Investigation told Judge Denis McLoughlin that Mr Giffney had been arrested at Dublin Airport at 6.15pm yesterday.

His arrest was on foot of 22 warrants issued earlier and he was then brought to Ballymun garda station, Dublin District Court was told.

Gda Sgt McKenna said Mr Giffney initially had nothing to say after caution but gave a reply after the final charge was read to him.

The court heard that Mr Giffney stated: “I wish to now place on record the fact that this scam was set up, co-ordinated and run by members of the Provisional IRA based in south Armagh.”

“And it is these people who have issued a £10,000 (€12,125) contract to have me killed,” Mr Giffney also told Gda Sgt McKenna in his reply.

[But will he name names? – Ed]  If he has any…

  • PaulT

    Well I’ve kept my eye on it for 5 minutes and here’s what I think.

    When he was nicked for a similar crime in 1995 he claimed it was a gambling problem.

    ” – Two Dublin tax officials, Emmet Shine (35) and Gerard Giffney (34),
    were each jailed for two years at Dublin Circuit Criminal Court
    following their recent guilty plea to fraud charges involving more
    than IR40k. An accomplice, Robert Prior (32), was ordered to carry
    out 240 hours of community service on the grounds that he played a
    minor role and was not in a position of trust. The three were
    involved in a scam whereby they authorised tax rebates to fictitious
    veterinary surgeons. The court was told that Shine and Giffney had
    gambling problems.”

    So I question why there was a need for the IRA “set up, co-ordinated and run” the scam.

    I also question the claim about having a price on his head, or perhaps the IRA have gone a bit downhill in about 2 minutes I found his Linkedin profile


    and his email and phone number


    and fair play to him for claiming to be a financial advisor, it made me chuckle.

    So TBH Pete its a bit of a dead horse you’re flogging here

  • ranger1640

    What is this man doing trying to tarnish the reputation of the IRA in south Armagh.

    The next thing we know he will be telling us that the IRA did the Northern Bank job???

  • PaulT

    If the police would release any descriptions and/or CCTV footage of the bank robbers I’m sure the public would be sure to help.

    After all these years all we know is they used a white van from GB, one dressed as a copper and one wore a celtic scarf.

    But then again as the only money found was at the RUC sports club, the only one in prison is a Fianna Fail man and the only one in court in NI over it was a bank employee, I think anything is possible…

  • lamhdearg2

    blame the proves and we will go easy on ye?.

  • sdelaneys

    A wee bit of realism, if the IRA in sth Armagh wanted this man dead he’d be dead and they wouldn’t need contractors.

  • aquifer

    Giffneys earlier claim for a gambling problem for the earlier offence does not rule out Provo involvement in it also.

    And what about the tonnes of methanol added to petrol in the republic, the heating oil price rings, and the diesel bleaching?

    Follow the money, armed men are better at getting it.

  • PaulT

    it’s unlikely that anyone would embark on a criminal enterprise with someone like Giffney,

    “Follow the money, armed men are better at getting it.”

    mmmh NI bank robbery money found in the RUC sports club, a place frequented by armed men

    personnally I’d prefer to go into a criminal enterprise with the police

  • Jimmy Sands

    Looks like these days everyone’s having to cut their prices to stay in business.

  • cynic2

    “you cant be a good republican and a criminal” TM

  • cynic2

    “The charges include deception and attempted deception”

    Did he write the SF Manifesto?

  • Pete Baker

    As I noted back in December 2010

    a report in The Irish News today notes that

    Sinn Féin’s view that there is “not a shred of evidence” to link the IRA to the robbery of the Northern Bank is not supported by a series of high-profile court cases.

    Indeed. And not just court cases, but actual criminal convictions as a result of Operation Phoenix.

  • aquifer

    “you cant be a good republican and a criminal”


    “Illegal acts including robbery fraud and murder are OK if carried out by active armed irish separatists, as they are acting on behalf of the Sinn Fein junta of 1919, the only body with entitlement to enact laws on this island”

    I hope I have paraphrased this old alibi correctly.

  • PaulT

    Really Pete,


    “The only man ever jailed over the £26.5m Northern Bank robbery may be freed because of a ruling on the type of warrant used to search his house.”

    Read more: http://www.belfasttelegraph.co.uk/news/local-national/northern-ireland/265m-ira-bank-raid-man-may-go-free-16129711.html#ixzz1s6rhzgxf

    as I said the only one in the frame was/is a Cork FF man.