“This is part of the culture of Ireland”

Even though a group of 4 gold torcs were discovered near Stirling in 2009, they’re not that common.  According to the BBC report, Dr Greer Ramsey from Armagh County Museum told Belfast coroner, John Leckey, that “10 torcs have been discovered in Ireland and 38 in Britain”.

ANYhoo… the coroner has ruled that a [IIRC] 47 37 inch long flange-twisted gold torc, found in a bog in County Fermanagh, is an item of treasure.  And, as we know, “strange things happen in the bog“.

From the BBC report

It was found by Ronnie Johnston using a metal detector in Corrard, near Belle Isle estate in 2009.

It dates from 1300-1100 BC and would probably have been worn around the waist.

It is made of 87% gold and 11% silver and will now go to the Treasure Valuation Committee at the British Museum in London who will determine its value. [added link]

It will then be up to the Department of Culture, Arts and Leisure to secure funding to purchase the object in order to put it on public display.

And the coroner also had this to say

The coroner, John Leckey, described the Corrard torc as an extremely beautiful object and stressed the importance of reporting such finds to the authorities.

“I would regard it as an outcry if the object didn’t end up in Northern Ireland on display in a museum. This is part of the culture of Ireland,” he said.

He added how Culture Minister Caral Ni Chuilin should be alerted to the immense significance of the find, describing it as “an important day for Northern Ireland”.

Over to you, Minister…