Plaid’s new leader – a Rhondda woman.

This is a big deal. Leanne Wood is the new Plaid Cymru leader. (From the BBC).

A pretty convincing victory:

First preferences:

Leanne 2,879

Elin Jones 1,884

Dafydd El 1,278

Leanne almost won on the first vote and after transfers won a convincing victory.

A few things:

1) The first non first Welsh language leader in our history.

2) The first leader from the South Wales valleys.

3) Our first female leader.

Llongyfarchiadau a phob lwc Leanne.



  • London_Irish

    I’m sure she is looking forward to meeting Mrs Windsor in the not too distant future!

  • antamadan

    Interesting post Dewi. Beir bua/keep it up

  • comhfhreagrai eachtrannach

    when you say first non Welsh language leader, do you mean she’s not a native speaker or that she doesn’t speak Cymraeg? If the latter, that’s a bit of a pity, isn’t it?

  • Dewi

    Not native, she has learnt and kids are fluent.