Tom Elliott: Mutiny Aboard H.M.S UUP

  • cynic2

    Mutiny is the disobedience of orders. I don’t see that there can have been mutiny in the UUP

  • rouge

    sinking ship.

  • Brian Spencer

    “The Fermanagh-South Tyrone MLA said people in the party had been working against him over the last number of days and weeks.”

  • alex gray

    News Letter opinion poll asking who would you vote for as UUP leader has produced an interesting result.

    Danny Kennedy 23%
    Basil McCrea 15%
    John McCallister 0%
    Mike Nesbitt 15%
    David McNarry 46%


  • Nordie Northsider

    And a bit sobering for poor John McCallister

  • alex gray

    News Letter Poll update

    Danny Kennedy 20%
    Basil McCrea 20%
    John McCallistr 0%
    Mike Nesbitt 13%
    David McNarry 47%

    Maybe they should draft McNarry as Leader

  • cynic2

    David McNarry as UUP leader. Delicious!

  • Progressive Unionist

    Alex – it’s just an online poll and completely unscientific (not to mention easily rigged!)

    Plus only about 8 people have actually voted on it…

    I actually hope McNarry does stand, just for the laughs, he’d get a derisory vote after his actions of the last wee while.