Many Catholics are questioning whether they necessarily have to be nationalist…

Someone on Slugger came up with a great term, Catholic Unicorns for that fabled and vast herd of Catholics who habitually express what we might at best describe as a positive ambiguity towards the United Kingdom. It tends to arise any time anyone on Slugger is foolish enough to quote the relatively stable and consistent findings of the Life and Times survey.

Well, someone of some standing with the Catholic community has finally put their head above parapet and explained why it might be that even some Sinn Fein voters currently prefer things the way they are rather than risk a difficult manoeuvre at this stage at least. Father Eugene O’Neill has been speaking to the News Letter:

NO Roman Catholic priests under the age of 45 are interested in removing the border and many Catholics are re-thinking their nationalism, a Catholic priest has said. Fr Eugene O’Neill said that many Catholics were questioning whether as Catholics they necessarily had to be nationalist and look to Dublin when the United Kingdom was more respectful of Christian churches.

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