Boris and Ken: A Gaffe-Tastic Election Race

Living as I am now in London I’ve decided for my latest piece of illustrative handiwork to depict London’s mayoral election candidates, BOJO and Ken Livingstone, as it’s these bigger than life characters who are an ever present feature that runs through all the free papers I keep getting handed on my way to the underground! In any case here they can be seen wielding one another’s slips up, sticks with which to beat one another for sure.

Indeed over the weekend Boris made quite the gaffe when he bashed London’s Irish contingency by labeling the city’s Saint Patrick’s Day gala dinner event ‘Lefty Sinn Fein crap,’ which certainly won’t have upped him electorally amongst the Irish Diaspora in London. Unsurprisingly his remarks prompted a backlash from a number of London-based Irish personalities and contrast starkly with the actions of Labour’s Ken Livingstone who has recently being doing his utmost to woo first and second-generation Irish.

But then it was Ken, who is running a simple electioneering campaign focusing on public transport and the Boris police cuts, who last week made an embarrassing slip up when he suggested that gay bankers wouldn’t be leaving London for Dubai, for to do so would be to risk having their manhood lopped off by conservative muslims. A ridiculous suggestion that the London press lapped up and which prompted others to call for the Labour leader to disown the mayoral candidate. And this only added to the pain with which he was suffering from comments he made a few days before when he suggested that the Tory party was riddled with gay and lesbian people.

Either way these are only the first of many slips that have been and I’m sure of that will be. Luckily I should be out of London by the time the Olympics comes to town but from now until May 3rd I’m very much watching with intense interest the unfolding of the mayoral election race.

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