“Don’t blame me – I was only the taoiseach.”

As Crooked Timber’s Maria Farrell says, “words to live by”, people.  In today’s Irishman’s Diary, Frank McNally offers a “history of Ireland in 100 excuses”.

78. We made those pre-election promises in good faith. It was only in government we realised how bad the country’s finances were.

79. It was a complex but legitimate business arrangement.

80. The money was only resting in my account.

81. You try running three houses on my salary and see how you get on.

82. I regarded it as a loan.

83. I had no bank account at that time.

84. I won it on the horses.

85. But the tent is only a small part of our annual fund-raising operation.

86. The banks were throwing money at us.

87. We were hit by a perfect storm.

88. Don’t blame me – I was only the taoiseach.

Heh. [Yes, but what about the 800 years of oppression!? – Ed]  Numbers 56 & 3, respectively.  Don’t forget to read the whole thing.