“Don’t blame me – I was only the taoiseach.”

As Crooked Timber’s Maria Farrell says, “words to live by”, people.  In today’s Irishman’s Diary, Frank McNally offers a “history of Ireland in 100 excuses”.

78. We made those pre-election promises in good faith. It was only in government we realised how bad the country’s finances were.

79. It was a complex but legitimate business arrangement.

80. The money was only resting in my account.

81. You try running three houses on my salary and see how you get on.

82. I regarded it as a loan.

83. I had no bank account at that time.

84. I won it on the horses.

85. But the tent is only a small part of our annual fund-raising operation.

86. The banks were throwing money at us.

87. We were hit by a perfect storm.

88. Don’t blame me – I was only the taoiseach.

Heh. [Yes, but what about the 800 years of oppression!? – Ed]  Numbers 56 & 3, respectively.  Don’t forget to read the whole thing.

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  • between the bridges

    101. it wasn’t me the big boys did it and ran away.

  • Greenflag

    Hilarious and only half true . Definitely of late 20th and early 21st century vintage with Lehman Brothers edging ahead of the Christian brothers in 21st spot . With some more ‘financial education ‘ this one will/should rise in the charts ‘The ‘generalised ‘ 800 years of oppression without mentioning the nationalities of the ‘oppressors ‘ gives plenty of scope for whatever you say say nothing when you talk about you know who 😉 . Along with the standard medieval thuggery of Danes and Vikings and castle building Normans and imperial minded Tudors present day Irish folk can include their own current ‘real ‘ undead oppressors such as the banksters -the ECB – the IMF -Kenny/Gilmore/Noonan/Martin etc etc .

    And the Rev Ian Paisley doesn’t get even a mention . Instead reports abound that most of what remains of Catholic Ireland is praying for the Doc’s speedy recovery from his illness .

    The world turned upside down again .But it’s all there in Juno and the Peacock .

    “Th’ whole worl’s in a terrible state o’ chassis” – Captain Boyle, Act III

    “it’s nearly time we had a little less respect for the dead, an’ a little more regard for the living.” – Juno Boyle, Act II

    “Isn’t all religions curious?-if they weren’t you wouldn’t get anyone to believe in them” – Captain Boyle, Act II

  • tuatha

    GF – as nice as is the mediaeval painting, that would “Juno & the PAYCOCK“, ‘sa poon, d’ya see.
    By purest co-incidence, I was just this afternoon watching the Alfred Hitchcock 1930 film (only his 2nd talkie) which I found on VHS for 10 cents in Vinnies.
    Like so many of Sean’s feathers from the green crow, it is as fresh & relevant today as when written.
    The lose of hope for a better time, after the tribulations, the cheating by the gombeens, the hypocrisy of the priest ridden, and the sinister men with guns, or ECB mandates, in the shadows.

  • Greenflag

    Well it could be worse eh:)

    I’m reading now about the latest cat and mouse game being played between the Greek mouse and the various Euro cats as antes are upped -deadlines passed and Rubicons neared .its hard to fathom that this ‘crisis’ has been facing the money men for 5 years now and it’s not going away .

    The list above 100 has now set the imagination going as to how a similar Greek list would start ?

    1. Goldman Sachs ‘advisors’

    2. The Colonels .

    3. Ataturk

    4. Twas the oul ouzo that made us join the Eurozone .

    5. The Hun

    6. The Uber Euro Super Duo Mersarkoczy

    7. They would’nt believe our Trojan horse.

    As it’s Friday I’ll leave the rest of the list to any fertile imaginations out there.