GOP Primaries – the plot thickens with a clean sweep for Santorum.

Romney isn’t closing this out. Yesterday saw a primary in Missouri (well a non binding beauty contest really) and two caucuses in Colorado and Minnesota.

From RealClearPolitics:

Santorum has taken Minnesota and Missouri comfortably. Romney was banking on Colorado. Here Nate compares his 2008 and 2012 performances. Broadly he’s at 60% of his 2008 level and things are looking close there.

Fox News is reporting Colorado in real time. At 5.30am our time, with 46% of precincts reporting Santorum and Romney were in a virtual tie, 37% to 36% in Santorum’s favour.

However that finally pans out it’s Santorum’s night. From the New York Times

With his unexpected victories, Mr. Santorum was also suddenly presenting new competition to Newt Gingrich as the chief alternative to Mr. Romney, the front-runner.
His performance added another twist to an unruly nominating contest that has seen Republican voters veering among candidates and refusing to coalesce behind anyone. It came just three days after Mr. Romney scored back-to-back victories in Florida and Nevada that had led to predictions that he was finally on a straight march to the nomination.

Newt Gingrich the King maker? Hmmm I don’t think he’s a quitter.
On a process issue the increasing tendency for states to award delegates proportionally makes winning early difficult. With the kind of results we are seeing the late August Tampa convention itself could determine the outcome.
Any observations from the US?
P.S. At 6.00am our time Colorado is trending toward Santorum.
P.P.S. At 6.21am Santorum wins Colorado.

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  • tuatha

    Arsejuice wins Colorado, can this become any weirder? A lot of alt types who couldn’t afford property in, nor stomach the self satisfied wankers of, Vermont, it is a bizarre combination of guns, god & dopers, an oddly liberal State,(in the universal sense of the word, not as in amerika, a pejorative) but it also has a HUGE religious nutter city (forgotten the name off-hand, summat like MILE HIGH, as [very] distinct from the the Mile High Club) but, apologies to MickF who recently asked that we lay off the Yeats, “..the bad are filled with passionate intensity” so the bible & gun clutchers are still in contention.

  • Harry Flashman

    The anybody-but-Romney camp have finally got traction, it looks like game on.

  • SethS

    It’s not the same contest this time though is it. In 2008 Romney was the more conservative of the two main candidates, now he’s the least – in a conservative state he was bound to lose votes.

    The state is also now handing out delegates on a proportional basis, which means the victory is less useful overall to Santorum or Gingritch.

    Also Romney won by a much larger margin in 2008 and still lost the overall race.

    That said it is going to prolong things for a while which can only be good news for Obama.

  • Dewi

    “Also Romney won by a much larger margin in 2008 and still lost the overall race”

    Yeah – that’s one of the points I think.

  • Mickles

    Dunno why any of em are bothering – I mean, seriously, if any of them were elected president it would be a disaster.

    Mitt ‘corporations-are-people’ Romney? Who doesn’t care about poor people because they have a safety net – a net he wants to dismantle and defund?!

    Santorum wants to ban birth control and abortion, so the already bloated population would explode – who will pay for all the extra babies?

    Ron Paul who thinks that it’s ok to put up ‘white’s only signs’ at pools, and claims the 1964 civil rights act undermines the concept of liberty?!

    Or Gingrich who wants to repeal child labour laws and set up shop on the motherfudging moon?!!!

    Have the people of the US no sense at all? How can these zealots be front runners of a nation that’s supposed to separate Church and State?

  • Greenflag

    Have the people of the US no sense at all?

    They have but it doesn’t apply in the political zone .

    Of course there is a common thread running through your various candidate portrayals which you may have overlooked .

    Looked at from a purely corporate perspective there is ‘job ‘ growth inherent in each of the candidates ‘policies’

    Romney’s dismantling of the already thin ‘safety net’ for the 150 million Americans who have zilch will of course drive many of them into criminal activity in order to survive and or find shelter thus spurring further growth in the building of private sector prisons .

    Santorum’s plan to abolish birth control and abortion will of course lead to a proliferation of back street abortion shops which will be unregulated and thus will lead to more deaths among the poor female class while enriching criminals . Those who get caught i.e the criminals will add to the prison population and thus drive up the share prices of those companies in the ‘Private Prison Sector ‘ Its all good.

    Ron Paul’s ‘white only ‘ signs will bring back warm memories for aged Southerners and any ex pat South Africans who find themselves out of synch in the melting pot . Sadly they will also antagonise the 30 million or so African Americans including possibly the current President and will spark off riots in the major cities and again swell the numbers of those imprisoned from the current 3 million or so to perhaps 6 or 7 million . But this is all to the good as the destruction of the USA ‘s major cities will lead to an eventual rebuilding and may help to restart the construction sector . American economists kinda keep quiet about the fact that in seven of the last eight recessions economic recovery was presaged by a recovery in the building sector . In these times when the building sector has been dead for five years the hope for economic recovery appears to lie in another war which of course was the methodology used for the one of the eight recoveries not building related mentioned above . Ron Paul if nothing else is certainly an innovator and thinks outside his box .

    Mr Gingrich’s modest proposal for repealing child labour laws to enable schools to employ child janitors who will replace adult janitors is indicative of what can only be described as a Victorian Age throwback . Again the outcome will be to increase the unemployment lines and fill more prison space with irate adult janitors the length and breadth of the USA being jailed for attacking ‘legal ised minors’ who have taken away their jobs .

    In brief while to elect any of these charlatans would be a disaster for the people of the USA we should look on the bright side after all who really believes that any of them care a damn for anybody other than themselves . So in a spirit of enterprising endeavour and of making hay while the sun shines the best recourse is to broaden one’s retirement portfolios by ensuring that funds are diverted to the fastest growing business sector in the USA today i.e prison building .

    I tell you folks this one will bring in mega bucks even more than religion :(!

  • Mickles

    You’re a genius Greenflag! If I had your glass half full positivity I’d get so much done. Now where do I sign up to invest in private prisons?