Long to Reign Over Us.


Congratulations to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth on achieving the milestone of 60 years devoted service.  Sixy years ago a young woman was high up in an African tree watching the wildlife, when many miles away her father passed away, beginning the reign of one of the most devoted heads of state the world has known.  Even during her early days, with the death of her father still so fresh, she quickly established her determination to serve, and is still doing so into her late 80’s.

As human as the rest of us I’m sure she has made mistake, although I can’t think of any!  some will say she put duty before family as they grew up, usually the same voices who criticised her for putting family first when Diana died.  I certainly can’t see how a president Wilson, Blair, Thatcher, or Johnston would have tread the diplomatic path so carefully over the years or added to the alure of the country that still makes London the greatest city on earth.

I am looking forwards to the official celebrations in June, with street parties, dinners, services and the like all happening locally.  Any excuse for a party as the saying goes, but I think this one is well worth marking. 

Long may she continue to reign.

I’m a progressive traditionalist, liberal conservative, left wing captialist, free thinking fundamentalist, am too fond of playing devils advocate for my own good, and a fondness for the occasional shock comment, put all that together with a tendancy to drop in the odd risky one-liner(occasionally even funny ones) would lead me to issue the appeal not to take what I say too seriously.