Romney up, GOP down, populism ailing?

There’s a good discussion to be had about the tensions between populism and parliamentary politics. If there is a side lesson to taken from the ups and downs of the Republican party, it’s probably buried in here somewhere. As Mike from PoliticalBetting notes, the famous victory of Mitt Romney in Florida (one of the big ‘swing’ states) came at a drop in turn out:

In Iowa the number of self-identifying Republicans was down by 11%, in New Hampshire 15% the reduction was 15% while in Florida overnight it was 16%.

Only Newt Gingrich managed to pull them out in South Carolina… Lack of agency (expectations of which have grown exponentially on either side of Congress since the onset of the net)… Or maybe they just don’t think any of the candidates on offer have what it would take to knock Obama out of the Whitehouse?

  • A very intriguing point.

    Alongside that, Romney (and his SuperPAC) went heavily negative in Florida, and outspent Gingrich 5:1. Those attack-ads didn’t play too well in the “wider” constituency, the independents and moderates Romney would need to win in November. On one poll he has dropped from balance minus 13.5% on the “favourable”/”unfavourable” rating.