“and it is all taking place during the 400th anniversary of the city being granted its Royal Charter…”

A UTV report acknowledging the contribution of PSNI Chief Superintendent Stephen Martin in Londonderry’s successful bid, against Sligo, to host the All-Ireland Fleadh during the UK City of Culture year notes another reason for denizens of the city to celebrate in 2013.  From the UTV report

The addition of the Fleadh means 2013 is shaping up to be a year to remember for the city.

It will coincide with the Derry/Londonderry UK City of Culture – and it is all taking place during the 400th anniversary of the city being granted its Royal Charter.

[I’m sure the city council are planning to mark the quadricentennial – Ed]  I’m sure they are…

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  • ranger1640

    If the estimates are correct “the event could attract up to 300,000 visitors and generate tens of millions pounds for the local economy of the north west”. And all this taking place in Londonderry, on the anniversary of the City being given its Royal Charter, isn’t timing wonderful.

    I suspect their will be an extra spring in the step of the Apprentice Boys as they march through the City this year.

  • Dec


    Judging by your eager contribution, I sense you’ve finally discovered what ‘fleadh’ means?

  • ranger1640

    Dec, after using wikipedia, I discovered it was just a music festival or music jamboree.

    Why couldn’t posters put those descriptions up in the first place. Then everyone would have known what they were talking about.



  • carnmoney.guy

    coincidences, coincidences

    Shinners feeling a wee bit uncomfortable, having strong armed the Fleadh committee to agree to Derry being host city, needing the Rossers to confirm how peaceful the place is, now they can get down to preparing for UK city of culture, with a big Royal rubber stamp…

    How long before Martin is welcoming Liz & Philip?

  • socaire

    Speaking of the UK City of Culture …… Don’t forget the forthcoming Independent Republican Demonstration in Clonoe on 19th February. Martin McGuinness won’t be chief speaker!

  • HeinzGuderian

    Don’t you mean the republican independent demonstration ? 😉

  • socaire

    See ya there, Heinz. Parking for tanks.

  • cynic2

    Isn’t 400 years of civilisation worth celebrating?


  • cynic2

    “the republican independent demonstration”


  • cynic2

    “an extra spring in the step of the Apprentice Boys”

    …..and given the positive way that they have dealt with parades issues in Derry that could well be the case and good luck and success to all of them on both sides.

    Would that the OO had had the same leadership!

  • 241934 john brennan

    By 2013 Marty will have shaken hands with the Queen during her diamond jubilee visit, and stood for ‘The Queen’ at Winsor Park – and the post of Lord londonderry is vacant?

  • Historical note: Seems like the Scotch ‘Derrie’ spelling – 11 July 1604 – was still on the go nearly a century later: “Mr. George Walker Minister of Dungannon And Gouernour of London Derrie in Ireland when besieged in 1689” .. British Museum

  • Derry’s WOMAD festival plans scrapped over cash fears

    The Culture Company says the financial risks of bringing the WOMAD festival to Derry is too great — despite claims that the festival could generate £15m for the local economy.

    Last April WOMAD declared its intention to hold the festival in Derry during 2013 and bring 500 international artists to perform. ..

    However, the All Ireland Fleadh will also be held in the city around the same time, and it is believed this played a part in the decision to abandon plans for WOMAD.”