Retiring His Voice? Never!

Having produced illustrated commentary to slugger for over a year now I’ve decided to experiment with the idea of giving my cartoons a voice through a written accompaniment. Perhaps this is a bold move and certainly the thought of breaking out of my cartooning-comfort zone and assembly words and sentences together instead of ink, tones and colours is a little daunting, especially when some of the target audience are seasoned slugger bloggers and critics, but I’m willing and ready for it and I’m going to give it a go.
So here goes my first cartoon-plus-commentary submission to slugger, and what better an occasion to comment than on the event of the Reverend Ian Paisley’s retirement from the full-time ministry.
Indeed last Friday night was quite the occasion with over 3000 people – and for many standing room only, but don’t worry soloist William McCrea eased that pain – coming from all over Northern Ireland to pay their respects to the big man with the once biggest voice in Northern Ireland politics. The fanfare on Friday brought an end to Lord Bannside’s regular full time schedule and pulled the curtain on 65 years of preaching.
However it almost certainly won’t be the last time the Reverend Ian Paisley takes to the pulpit and as such we can presume that congregations around the world will have the future delight of hosting Paisley as guest speaker.
Paisley who’s no stranger to farewells and sendoffs, having pulled his voice from party politics in May 2008, can now enjoy his retirement in full free of major responsibilities, allowing him to focus his attention in full on writing his memoirs, as has been much reported in this weekend’s papers. Certainly it was noted in the Daily Mail that Paisley remarked last year that he would be putting pen to paper and recounting stories that would make some laugh and others blush; certainly something to look forward to.
In any case whilst the Mr. Marmite of Northern Ireland may have retired his voice from politics and now from the full time ministry, it’s rather clear to say that the big man with the big voice won’t be retiring his voice from the public domain anytime soon. Indeed it’s my guess that Paisley has a few more orations up his sleeve or elsewhere that will be hitting the headlines in the months or years to come.

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