Six Nations 2012 Prediction Contest

Ok – it’s that time of the year. Same rules as usual which are:

1 point for a correct home win, 3 points for a correct away win, 7 points for a correct draw. This year we need the top try scorer. 3 points if it’s one bloke, 2 if it’s joint, 1 if it’s shared by three. Any more than 3 top try scores it’s nowt. Tie breaker is total points scored.

Here’s the fixtures:

1  France v Italy
2  Scotland v England
3  Ireland v Wales
4  France v Ireland
5  Italy v England
6  Wales v Scotland
7  England v Wales
8  Ireland v Italy
9  Scotland v France
10  Ireland v Scotland
11  Wales v Italy
12  France v England
13  England v Ireland
14  Italy v Scotland
15  Wales v France

Here’s my prediction in the required format:                                                                          HHAHAHAHAHHHAAH: George North: 602.

Any entries accepted before first kick off which is 2.30pm next Saturday. Enjoy and let’s have lots of entries please…

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  • the future’s bright, the future’s orange

    HAHHAHHHAHHHAHA Tommy Bowe 584

  • Dewi

    Tommy Bowe..yeah suspect he’s favourite. I would have chosen him if he were Welsh….

  • Intelligence Insider

    HAHAAHAHAHHHAHH Chris Ashton 594

  • Charlie Sheens PR guru

    HAHAAHAHAHHAAAA : Maxime Medard : 609

    Do I read you opting for a Welsh Grand Slam Dewi?

  • Barnshee

    Maxime Medard : 520

  • john

    Chris Ashton 575

  • Dewi

    Charlie Sheen – as always…
    Chris Ashton?? he’ gone walkabout and England will be lucky to score a try let alone get top try scorer…

  • john

    Dont rule him out and England nearly always outscore the celts year after year even when they finish lower in the table!!

  • Dewi

    John – slightly seriously been talking to some England fans from Devon today (stag in Cardiff) – they are in absolute despair….but heh go for it!

  • Dewi

    And Maxime Medard is far 2 ugly to be top try scorer. And he’s French.

  • Republic of Connaught

    Still haven’t forgiven the Ireland team for their choker performance against Wales in the World Cup.

    Wouldn’t bet a Greek bond on them winning the six nations.

  • Reader


  • Charlie Sheens PR guru

    He does look frightful but no Drico and Ashton left me wondering. Wanted to go for Vincent Clerc, but he’s not playing as much now and he only ever seems to score against Ireland.

  • RyanAdams

    HAHAAHAHAHHHAHH: Tommy Bowe: 580

  • First post on Slugger! More of a football fan than rugby but here goes:

    HHHHAHAHAHHHAAH: Tommy Bowe: 666

  • HeinzGuderian


  • Dewi

    More predictions please.

  • Irishlassabroad

    H, H, H, A, A, H, A, H A, H, H, H, A, A, H. Tommy Bowe and 490.

  • john

    Ulster to ditch Brian McLaughlin – no-one predicted that!

  • Neil


  • Dewi

    More predictions please – not long to go..

  • tomk

    HAHHAHAHAHHHHHH. Vicent Clerc. 512.

  • Johnny Boy

    HAAHAHAHAHHHAAH. George North. 585

  • Tochais Síoraí


  • Jimmy Sands




  • Dewi

    You are all going for Bowe and Ashton…here’s a bet – neither will score a try…

  • the future’s bright, the future’s orange

    Hard to call this 6N:
    Wales – cracking world cup but a heap of key injuries. Away in Eng and ireland so a tough task

    Scots: decent world cup and club sides did well in the heiny. Should do okay in home games but will rattle around at the bottom of the table.

    England – been crap for a while. New coach and some new blood. Probably building for next year really. Wales and ireland at home so might do okay.

    France: probably the most naturally gifted side. A nice warm up game at home V italy to run in a few tries and then homers V england and ireland. Tough final game away to wales but wales may have no players left by then.

    Ireland: always tough with england and france away. Win the 3 homers and a win in england and we’ll be there or thereabouts. Can’t see us winning in France and we never score too many tries so joint top is probably the best we’ll do.

    In summary, if France turn up, they should walk it. But the French are rarely predictable. Wales and Ireland should push hard. England, Italy and the Scots to do okay at home but will struggle on the road.

  • Mark

    HADHAHAHHHHHAAH Mike Phillips 480 !

    One or two teams may target the obvious ” flair players ” who may get special attention . I was so impressed with Phillips in the WC and i heard Newstalk this evening where they were claiming that this Welsh back line is the tallest and heaviest and most athletic backline in history ( george hook said best in history while the other two just said they were enormous ) we shall see . I think this could a tight and low scoring six nations .

  • the future’s bright, the future’s orange

    Interesting point about the size of the backs. Apart from the set-piece, the game is becoming a posh version of rugby league so you can see why sides want 15 back rowers on the park and just bosh up the opposition. Really looking forward to the Irelan -Wales game – probably the highlight of the competition. Sides may be a little rusty for it to be a classic.

  • Dewi

    Gethin Jenkins a big loss – rampaging ugly Irish forwards are what we warn children about here…

  • Johnny Boy

    If England lose against Scotland it’s hard to see who they are going to beat this year, potentially hilarious.

  • This is likely to resemble my last three Grand National bets and fall at the first fence but here goes


    which if all prove correct will result in Welsh winners.

    So George North it is and 628

  • Dewi

    What absolute rubbish. Hope we do better tomorrow.

  • Mark

    Shouldn’t have listened to all the experts . Hindsight is a great thing . That English team was always going to be up for that game ( bluedog spirit etc ) they deserved their win , shocking spectacle mind you ..

  • Mark

    typo – bulldog ..