Six Nations 2012 Prediction Contest

Ok – it’s that time of the year. Same rules as usual which are:

1 point for a correct home win, 3 points for a correct away win, 7 points for a correct draw. This year we need the top try scorer. 3 points if it’s one bloke, 2 if it’s joint, 1 if it’s shared by three. Any more than 3 top try scores it’s nowt. Tie breaker is total points scored.

Here’s the fixtures:

1  France v Italy
2  Scotland v England
3  Ireland v Wales
4  France v Ireland
5  Italy v England
6  Wales v Scotland
7  England v Wales
8  Ireland v Italy
9  Scotland v France
10  Ireland v Scotland
11  Wales v Italy
12  France v England
13  England v Ireland
14  Italy v Scotland
15  Wales v France

Here’s my prediction in the required format:                                                                          HHAHAHAHAHHHAAH: George North: 602.

Any entries accepted before first kick off which is 2.30pm next Saturday. Enjoy and let’s have lots of entries please…