Questions for Ulster Protestants

Assuming, for the sake of discussion, Scottish independence happens in the next 5-50 years:

1. What would be in the best interests of Ulster Protestants in a post-union (i.e. post-U.K) Northern Ireland and why?

2. For centuries most Ulster Protestants have had a series of reasons for being both (a.) pro-Union and (b.) opposed to a unified, one-person-one-vote, independent Irish state. Notwithstanding your views on the continuing present day validity of perspective (b), what would it mean to be pro-Union in the advent of an independent Scotland breaking up the U.K as we know it?

3. If Scottish independence creates a demand in England for English independence (hardly unthinkable), how would this change answers to question 1.?

4. If Scottish independence and English independence breaks up the U.K completely, would you rather have an independent Northern Ireland or a negotiated new Ireland?

5. If you would prefer a negotiated New Ireland to an independent Northern Ireland, what features of this New Ireland would be non-negotiable for you?

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