Paxman: the gowk goes over the top.

Playing the man I know but needs saying:

Not Newsnight’s finest hour. After a twee introduction from a whisky sampling reporter then came Paxman’s interview with the Times’s Briton of the year.

You can see some of it here.

Zimbabwe, Mugabe, One party State?? Opting out of the BBC? the cheek of it all.

Some of us might have been interested in what Alex had to say in the Hugo Young Lecture. (Worth watching the that sample video from the Guardian  – they have the  full video here.)

Or,indeed, of his plans for today. (Today’s referendum consultation from the Herald)

But insight from Paxman? No, interruptions, hectoring and trivial irrelevancies.

He must do better than that – how much do we pay for his nonsense?