Crown Prosecution Service consider Chris Huhne case

There has been a slow burning story going on for months now about Chris Huhne the Liberal Democrat Energy Sectary. Huhne who was one of the challengers for the Liberal Democrat leadership both against Ming Campbell and Nick Clegg (by whom he was only narrowly defeated).

Huhne’s problem has been the claims that whilst he was MEP for South East England in 2003 he was caught by a speed camera whilst driving into central London from Stanstead airport. Huhne already had 9 points on his licence at this time and a further three would have probably have seen him temporarily disqualified from driving. That might not have been a major problem: what is a problem is the allegation that he persuaded his then wife (Vicky Price) to claim that she was driving, take the points on her clean licence and, hence, allow Huhne to avoid the driving ban. This is a claim that Huhne has strenuously denied throughout welcoming the police investigation as an opportunity to “draw a line under the matter” and Ms. Price is refusing to speak about.

Mr. Huhne separated from his wife in 2010. Subsequently to that the claims surfaced with the Sunday Times and were thereafter taken up by Essex police. Initially the Sunday Times attempted to refuse to hand over emails which may be relevant to the case but last week the paper dropped its legal challenge to the police’s demands. It now seems that the Crown Prosecution Service will decide whether to take further action over the next few weeks.