Scotland: Degrees of Freedom.

Devo Max (or Full Fiscal Autonomy) seems to be getting some traction. There’s been two big name proponents over the last week or so.
Canon Kenyon Wright wrote to the Herald:

My own view is that a straight choice between independence and the status quo effectively disenfranchises a large number of Scots who want neither. Since this is a crucial decision for Scotland’s future governance, that is unacceptable.


Imagine going into the polling booth in such circumstances and being forced to choose between two options, the status quo or outright independence, and not the option of more powers for the Scottish Parliament. Quite simply, that is disenfranchising people

Then we have the indefatigable Henry Mcleish. On STV (on video here).

Asked that as a former First Minister he would have the status and the credibility to lead a campaign for a “devo max” option on the ballot and for Scots to back it, he said: “I am flattered by the suggestion but I am not presumptious enough to suggest I would do that.”
“Modesty forbids, but on the other hand I want to be part of it, I feel passionately that Scotland deserves another option I feel passionate that we could stay within the union, a changed union, but still have far more powers, and if I thought for one minute as I do that Scots wanted that as well then I am quite happy to be associated with Civic Scotland, the STUC and the churches but equally important, my party – Labour – I’d like to see them engage in this.”
Pressed on whether he would accept if asked, he replied: “If I am asked which is, in the trade you would call it a hypothetical question, I would consider.

I think it will get on the ballot paper – which means things could get interesting. (Strangely enough I think Westminster, and the rest of us. have a bigger right to a say in a “Devo Max” settlement than on independence..)

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