Newt: I am America and I am the law

LA Times: Gingrich would refuse to respect the Supreme Court.

There are many obvious points that should be made about the threat to American values posed by a Newt Gingrich Presidency. From a man whose love for his country increasingly resembles how he loved his wife – motto: ‘if no longer convenient: ditch’–we see the most lethally potent of his many weaknesses and vices captured in the following brilliantly revealing off-hand justification for binning the constitution: “I’m fed up with elitist judges“.

If you consider your author’s quote selection trite, just remember the eventual trigger for Gingrich’s last constitutional crisis, the 1995 US Government shut down. Amid mounting anxiety across America, especially among the government-dependent elderly, job seekers and the disabled, Newt became anxious too. Indeed, he seethed until he could suffer it no more. Like Rosa Parks before him, this was a man who would sit at the back not a moment more. And so the government shut down (leaving, incidentally, a suddenly staffless President unusually dependent on intern support).

As Gingrich makes a late, crass and futile rally in South Carolina on the back of his forte, debate bigotry – last time it was calling the Palestinians a “terrorist people“, this time it was labeling President Obama, the “Food Stamp President” –we ought to consider the local crisis a President Gingrich would bring to Slugger O’Toole.

For how could the modus operandi of a Gingrich Presidency possibly be covered within the confines of “play the ball, not the man” rules? Everything relevant to Gingrich is character related.

Fed up with the Supreme Court? Ignore it. Fed Up with Bill Clinton? Shut down the government. Fed up with the sick wife? Divorce her.

The US Presidency is ultimately a character test. The world depends on its office holder understanding that strength is not bluster and bellicosity is not bravery.

Which is why we know what would likely have happened had the Grinch been President in 1962 – and likely before day thirteen. Or what could happen were President Newt to become fed up with terror suspects, or Iran, or Chavez.

This guy is bad news. Let’s hope he’s soon yesterday’s news.

Update: For a different interpretation of Newt’s reptilian tendencies, see here, via
The Daily Dish, Fox News’ Dr. Keith Ablow.

Maybe Dr. Ablow is right and Newt’s dumping of one wife on her sick bed is evidence of a brave man unafraid to deliver harsh truths (rather than a coward who cheated on said wife for 6 years, in her bed, before choosing her most vulnerable and dependent moment to demonstrate his bravery). And maybe his three marriages and two (so far) divorces are evidence of his irresistibility.

Or maybe Dr. Keith will say anything to get on television.

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