Newt: I am America and I am the law

LA Times: Gingrich would refuse to respect the Supreme Court.

There are many obvious points that should be made about the threat to American values posed by a Newt Gingrich Presidency. From a man whose love for his country increasingly resembles how he loved his wife – motto: ‘if no longer convenient: ditch’–we see the most lethally potent of his many weaknesses and vices captured in the following brilliantly revealing off-hand justification for binning the constitution: “I’m fed up with elitist judges“.

If you consider your author’s quote selection trite, just remember the eventual trigger for Gingrich’s last constitutional crisis, the 1995 US Government shut down. Amid mounting anxiety across America, especially among the government-dependent elderly, job seekers and the disabled, Newt became anxious too. Indeed, he seethed until he could suffer it no more. Like Rosa Parks before him, this was a man who would sit at the back not a moment more. And so the government shut down (leaving, incidentally, a suddenly staffless President unusually dependent on intern support).

As Gingrich makes a late, crass and futile rally in South Carolina on the back of his forte, debate bigotry – last time it was calling the Palestinians a “terrorist people“, this time it was labeling President Obama, the “Food Stamp President” –we ought to consider the local crisis a President Gingrich would bring to Slugger O’Toole.

For how could the modus operandi of a Gingrich Presidency possibly be covered within the confines of “play the ball, not the man” rules? Everything relevant to Gingrich is character related.

Fed up with the Supreme Court? Ignore it. Fed Up with Bill Clinton? Shut down the government. Fed up with the sick wife? Divorce her.

The US Presidency is ultimately a character test. The world depends on its office holder understanding that strength is not bluster and bellicosity is not bravery.

Which is why we know what would likely have happened had the Grinch been President in 1962 – and likely before day thirteen. Or what could happen were President Newt to become fed up with terror suspects, or Iran, or Chavez.

This guy is bad news. Let’s hope he’s soon yesterday’s news.

Update: For a different interpretation of Newt’s reptilian tendencies, see here, via
The Daily Dish, Fox News’ Dr. Keith Ablow.

Maybe Dr. Ablow is right and Newt’s dumping of one wife on her sick bed is evidence of a brave man unafraid to deliver harsh truths (rather than a coward who cheated on said wife for 6 years, in her bed, before choosing her most vulnerable and dependent moment to demonstrate his bravery). And maybe his three marriages and two (so far) divorces are evidence of his irresistibility.

Or maybe Dr. Keith will say anything to get on television.

  • wild turkey

    Yeah, Newt is a class act… right up there with Richard Nixon, Pat Robertson, Elmer Gantry etc. etc.

    Rory, he is gonna be tomorrows news before becoming yesterdays news. there is a potential bombshell out there for Newt before the SC primary, an NBC interview with ex Mrs Newt.

    “Marianne Gingrich has said that her husband asked for a divorce with a phone call when she was in Ohio to celebrate her mother’s 84th birthday, leaving her in tears. He informed her that he was having an affair with Callista Bisek, a House aide 23 years his junior—this while he was leading the drive to impeach Bill Clinton over his sexual relationship with Monica Lewinsky. Bisek is now Gingrich’s third wife.”

    full link below

    anyway, my preferred ticket of Stephen Colbert – Tina Fey is just going from strength to strength

  • Jimmy Sands

    One pundit, I forget who, once described Gingrich as a stupid man’s idea of a clever one. I find that very apt.

  • pauluk

    calling Palestinians a “terrorist people“
    …based on the Palestinian education system, in both Gaza and the West Bank, Newt is correct. Children are taught from an early age in their homes and at school to hate Jews. Murdering Jews is glorified and a major theme in their culture.

    labeling President Obama, the “Food Stamp President”

    …absolutely correct again. O’s failed policies have put more people – particularly African-Americans – on food stamps than any other president in American history. (more than doubled since 2008 – chart)

    Obama’s recent ‘recess appointments’ while congress was still in session shows his contempt and disrespect for decades of gentlemanly conduct in American politics (possibly illegal), and smacks of simmering autocracy. So it’s a little rich to be condemning Newt for something he said during an election period while ignoring actual abuse of power by Obama.

    It’s fascinating that Obama and the Democrats are more guilty of the things that they lampooned Bush for. Pure hypocrisy, but, of course, the media will never present it that way.

    Now, if the Republicans were doing it…hey, that’s a different story!

  • Harry Flashman

    Ooooooh, look another big scary conservative American presidential candidate!

    Just like all those other big scary conservatives who are always just about to overthrow the US Constitution, introduce fascism and eat barbequed black babies for dinner, woe is me, woe is me, I tremble in fear of conservative Americans, they’re so mean and nasty.

    When do the left ever grow up?

  • andnowwhat

    Well, considering so many on the right are young earth creationists, I think it’s pretty obvious who needs to do the growing up

  • abucs

    I’d prefer Gingrich to Obama.

  • HeinzGuderian

    ‘Which is why we know what would likely have happened had the Grinch been President in 1962 – and likely before day thirteen. Or what could happen were President Newt to become fed up with terror suspects, or Iran, or Chavez.’ ?

    But wasn’t it kennedy who sent the first combat troops to Vietnam ?
    Then it was the grassy knoll that got kinda fed up.

  • Harry Flashman

    “Well, considering so many on the right are young earth creationists, blah, blah blah”

    Oh that’s right, I forgot, let’s get all the cliches out now, all US conservatives are racist, homophobic, islamaphobic, stupid (goes without saying), mysogynistic, hypocritical, big meanies who want to take all the money away from schools and hospitals and spend it on guns while waiting for Rapture.

    There, that about sums up the twaddle that we can expect on the rest of this thread by people who can’t think for themselves but need the Guardian and Hollywood actors to tell them what to believe.

  • Jo

    Republicans in the USA attend church more than Democrats and 60% of regular church-goers hold a creationist view. That is their right, to belive as they wish. If they are also homophobic or mysoginistic, they may well act out that belief, conflicting with the rights of others. This is where their freedom is circumscribed.

  • Dread Cthulhu

    Just as a historical point, were a President Gingrich to tell Supreme Court to go hang, he would be in the company of such figures as Andrew Jackson, Abraham Lincoln and, arguably, FDR.

  • Alias

    Newt Gingrich as president and Ron Paul as vice-president would restore the US to economic superpower status. Sadly, they’d kill each other before that would happen – and the Anericans will more than likely elect their current self-preening useless smuck for a second term.

  • Alias

    Welcome back, Dread Cthulhu.

  • Dread Cthulhu

    Glad to be back, Alias.

  • sliabhluachra

    Now Alias: Obama got the Nobel Prize for, er er er. But the teleprompt man will probably get reelected, which will be good for ballygobackwards where he had the pint.

    When the little Republican fella mis spelt potatoe everyone had a good laugh. Especially the Conservatives who pointed to all the gaffes of Democrat empty heads, who made more gaffes.

  • Dread Cthulhu


    The problem arises that the media soft peddles Dem gaffes (else Biden would have been sent back to the proverbial farm) and hard peddles Republican ones.

    Obama will likely have a harder time than you think, barring some serious improvement in the economy and employment (they’ve already changed the numerator used in the unemployment rate, so as to keep the percentages down…).

  • sliabhluachra

    Dread Cthulhu: Always hard to beat the inside candidate in any job. The Republicans don’t have a credible candidate..

    I agree about media spin.

  • Ruarai

    Update: See foot of original post.

  • Dread Cthulhu

    Two words, sliab — Jimmy Carter.

  • Alias

    This thread is about as subtle as a lightning bolt striking the author’s orthodontic braces. But what is the point of such a nasty little thread other than spewing spittle and bile in all directions? Few here will have a vote in that jurisdiction.

  • Kevsterino

    The chance of a President Gengrich being in a strong enough political position to tell the Supremes to go hang is of a very low order of probability, in my estimation.