The Scotland Office with some object lessons on how not to do genuine consultations…

The Scottish Referendum consultation – out of practice or out of place? (mp3)

Slightly caustic overview of a consultation (rather hastily, it seems) launched from the Scotland Office, from the Consultation Institute…

Amongst the hardest hitting criticisms from Rhion Jones are the lack of open questioning, the use of false binaries, and falls short of the UK Government’s own (of which the Scotland Office is an integral part) 12 week recommended period for Consultation (erm, it was one week on the demolition of Stephen Farry’s Department of Education and Learning – Ed)…

Not to mention the fact that this is the first consultation since 2010… By contrast, the Scottish Government seems rather more keen to hear from its various ‘publics’; regularly canvassing public views on a range of issues..


  • Dewi

    Yep – decide on policy before consultation – pathetic – delighted at the arrogance and incompetence of the anti-independence parties.

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