Another Post on Scotland…..

A few things:

1) A letter to the Scotsman from Lord Kilclooney (John Taylor):

As an Ulster Scot I know there would be concern in Northern Ireland should Scotland vote to leave the United Kingdom.
Northern Ireland is not only geographically close to Scotland but shares more with Scotland than with any other country. When the majority in Ireland voted for independence from the UK there were 220,000 people in County Donegal. After independence thousands emigrated back to the UK – especially to Glasgow and Londonderry. Only 100,000 now remain in Donegal.
Northern Ireland remained within the UK as was the desire of most people in that part of Ireland. Should there ever be a majority in Scotland for independence it should not be binding on all the people of Scotland.
If, say, Strathclyde or the Lowlands prefer to remain in the UK then that decision should be honoured by a partition of Scotland.

Those figures on Donegal astonished me….and of course they are just wrong – the population in 1911 was 168,537 and in 2006 was 147,264.

2) This daft requirement for a “legally binding” referendum. We’ve never had one of those before. Indeed it’s a clever quirk of the constitution that precisely by making referenda de jure advisory legal challenges are ineffective. What’s the best way to attract legal challenges? – Make a referendum “legally binding”.

3) Why are the anti independence parties blabbering on about the rest of us subsidising Scotland?

i) It is isn’t true.

ii) Shouldn’t a positive message on Scotland’s prosperity be a key element of the Unionist argument?


P.S. 784 new members for the SNP….in 5 days!

P.P.S. – Really worth a read from Neal Ascherson in the Observer.

Many Scottish politicians, starting with John Smith and Donald Dewar, have talked about “the settled will of the Scottish people”. Few have taken that will to its full conclusion. But, as a matter of fact, it has been broadly clear for about 40 years. It’s really quite simple. The Scots want to run their own country as other small nations do. Most of them want to stay in the Union. They want a Scottish government that is not bossed about by London, and especially not by English politicians in parties most Scots did not vote for. As David – now Lord – Steel said a few years ago: “No self-respecting parliament can exist permanently on a grant from another parliament.”

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