You May Never Set Our Referendum!!

Captions Please

  • michael-mcivor

    To be or not to be- or when its to be- that is the Question ?-

  • Manfarang

    Oh well that’s that called off.

  • sliabhluachra

    It is kind of refreshing to hear David Cameron again today state the UK= England (+Wales) and Scotland. Like Churchill before him, the teddy’s head, the Occupied Zone, the 6 cos, is just an appendage of no real consequence to them. The 6cos, in other words, is not as Britoish as Finchley.
    It is also funjny to hear Miliband wade in for the Unionist (Engl+Scot). An independnet Scotland would make Labour less relevant in Westminster.
    At least the Tories believe in something even if that something is not very nice.

  • FuturePhysicist

    I suppose last term when the Finchley MP was a Dutchman, maybe it was.