SDLP: Deputy attacks Leader over ‘poverty’ pay campaign

Yesterday we reported how Alasdair McDonnell’s Save Politicians from Poverty Appeal had provoked the Mayor of Lisburn, Brian Heading, to publicly criticise his party leader. That provoked a stinging rebuttal by Alasdair McDonnell.

Today, the SDLP Deputy Leader, Dolores Kelly, has publicly criticised Alasdair McDonnell over the issue, stating that she was “astonished” and “deeply unhappy” with her party leader’s comments.

I am astonished with Alasdair’s comments given that they are not party policy and as someone who has been honoured and proud to be a public representative for almost 18 years, not for securing good pay and pension for myself, but to be an advocate for change.

As Mark Devenport notes, it might be a New Year, but it’s unlikely there’ll be a change to the Old Order any time soon….