And here’s to you Mr. Poots

Your captions please

Your captions please


  • cynic2

    “There there Michael. All Tom has to do is win an election and you can have it back”

    {Sound of even deeper sobbing}

  • cynic2

    Gerry Adams suddenly realises that all state papers on the Hunger Strike will be fully displayed in proposed Museum at Maze site

  • cynic2

    Poots to Psychiatrist

    “There there Doctor. I have spoken to Peter and you wont have to counsel Iris again”

  • Decimus

    “Soon returns to the fold.”

  • Gerry Lvs castro

    ….”but being on a ministerial salary, I can afford to go private”

  • Eire32

    “Close your eyes….. I’ll just get my knee into position”

  • cynic2

    Being wary of the Minister’s response, the Health Service Unions first send in their Top Man to Open Negotiations.

  • cynic2

    Mick tests out prosed approach to make Red Card System on Slugger even more effective

  • carnmoney.guy

    New Gay Sex Scandal hits DUP

  • cynic2

    “A Unionist ****fest if ever I seen one!”


    The thing that rankles for Republicans, I suspect, is that the only people ****ed were the % Hunger Strikers left to die when there was a deal on the table

    But sure they died for Ireland (and not electoral advantage) so that was OK then

    Bottom line —– they and you were suckered

  • carnmoney.guy

    We all share the pain of badly drawn cartoon

  • cynic2

    Executive negotiations continue

  • How about

    Poots doles out free leg warmers in last ditch attempt to woo Health Servive unions.

    But really the original caption “People of Northern Ireland, I feel your pain” is perfection, and competition is redundant.

    If Brian John Spencer is open to suggestions I suggest the previous Minister Michael McGimpsey and a Union Rep are portrayed as each holding the other’s rod of Asclepius; with neither moving without the other’s consent.

  • lover not a fighter

    Here ! Try this for your incontinence ! ! !