2012: Who’s got Europe’s number now Mr Kissinger?

Your captions please?

  • “As time marches on, the numbers get harder to stack up”

  • sherdy

    If that’s happy, direct me to the Queen’s Bridge!

  • michael-mcivor

    Is that a nought or is it Angela Merkels stomach-

  • tuatha

    I think it’s the phone numbers in Beijing the erstwhile Great Powers’ chancellories will be needing, certainly the US Fed.
    If we find it too nauseating to adopt Sterling/parity as a future currency, the is still the working format of the privately issued bank notes of Scotland & NI. Backed by going commercial entities they would have more substance than the current fiat paper which would be more useful shredded and used as flock for ceiling insulation.

  • Alias

    tuatha, it’s a bit innocent to think that Sterling won’t collapse along with the Euro.

    Two main reasons: (a) the UK’s banks are exposed to eurozone lenders, and (b) the UK is a major shareholder in the ECB.

    That means that UK will be called upon to pick up the debts of the (over-leveraged) ECB. While the UK signed up to a treaty that declared there would be no sharing of sovereign debt, it also signed uo as a 14% shareholder of the ECB.

    So what? Well, the ECB has assumed the debts of bankrupt eurozone states by purchasing bonds. That gets around the so-called ‘no bail-out’ clause by transfering the debts onto the shareholders of the ECB.

    When the euro sinks, Sterling gets hit by a tsunami.

  • Alias

    Is it too early to declare Seymour the winner?

  • wee buns

    ”It’s not heavy – it’s our incompetence.”

    Rumors of punts being printed abound – got any facts, somebody?

    A shift (return) to sterling, even if it were to be practical, which it is not, ain’t gonna happen – queenie poos visit was as cosy as it gets with 2016 just around the bend.

  • lcockrammicha

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