2012 Prediction Contest

OK – Ten questions – predictions any time this year please – answers this time next year:

i) Who will be the Republican nomination for US President?
ii) Who will be the leader of the UK Labour Party this time next year?
iii) Who will be the leader of Sinn Féin this time next year?
iv) How far will the Republic of Ireland go in the Euro Football?
v) How many gold medals will Wales win in the Olympics?
vi) How many countries will be admitted to the UN?
vii) How many languages will die (to the nearest 5)?
viii) What percentage will the 2011 census reveal as People of a Protestant Tradition in NI (the headline number)? (To the nearest 0.5%)
ix) Ditto with any knowledge of Welsh in Wales?
x) Who will come second in the Six Nations (Rugby)?