British monarchy under threat of being opened up to [Roman] Catholics

It looks like we could be in for yet another installment of false rage now the DUP has endorsed a shared (sic) future platform.

The Telegraph is reporting that the political and constitutional reform committee have said that:

“The scenario does beg the question of whether it remains appropriate for the monarch to be required to be in communion with the Church of England.

“The most obvious difficulty in having a Catholic monarch — beyond the purely statutory obstacles — is the crown’s role as supreme governor of the Church of England.”

They will no doubt be enraged at the idea that a western democracy would enshrine, or not have repealed, laws that expressly enshrine casual discrimination against Catholics. It is hard to predict the impact on the DUP of the realisation that they live in a pseudotheocratic state with a relgious-cum-secular head.

Whilst, obvioiusly, DUP members, like Jeffrey Donaldson, recently protested their outrage that the British monarch might be allowed to marry a Roman Catholic. That was in the days before sharing. Now, presumably, the party will be throwing itself into a campaign in support of the removal of the necessary legal barriers. Certainly, the public utterances of the party’s members will give a clear sense of the depth of sharing the party wants with Catholics.