Did Taoiseach submit #Budget2012 to Berlin for approval?

The Irish government is under pressure this evening as it is having to deny Press Association reported rumours that it has allowed the German government to inspect the budget before it is brought to the Dáil next month (i.e. well before the democractically members of Oireachtas get to see it). The Irish Independent says that Reuters also had the same story, prompting swift denials from Government officials today.

With market driven crises prompting the replacement of existing leaders with technocrats in Italy and Greece, it may be that the current government may be looking over their shoulders. The NY Times take on the current developments may also have struck an awkwardly familiar note: 

On the surface, Greece and Italy seem remarkably alike. Both countries have entrenched patronage networks that predate the European Union by centuries and suffocating regulations and work rules.

So, anyone know any technocrats in need of a job?



Now Bloomberg are reporting that they obtained the draft budget documents from the German government.